Archaeology Faculty

Dr. Steven A. Brandt

Brandt, Steven A.

Archaeology, Africa, Cultural Heritage Management, Ecology, Ethnoarchaeology, and Historical Ecology
Dr. James Davidson

Davidson, James

Archaeology,Africa, African American Studies, African Diaspora, Ethnicity, Folk Beliefs, Historical Archaeology, History, Mortuary Studies, North America, Resistance, and Southeastern US

deFrance, Susan

Archaeology, Andes, Archaeology of Ritual, Caribbean, Cuisine, Diet, Environment, Foodways, Historical Zooarchaeology, Maritime Archaeology, Prehistoric Zooarchaeology, Ritual, South America, Southeastern US, Subsistence, and Zooarchaeology

Gillespie, Susan D.

Archaeology, Archaeology of History, Aztecs, Cosmology, Epigraphy, Ethnohistory, History of Anthropology, Iconography, Kinship, Maya, Mesoamerica, Olmecs, Socio-Political Organization,
and Symbolism

Heckenberger, Michael

Archaeology, Amazon, Anthropology of the Body, Built Environment, Caribbean, Cultural Memory, Ecology, Ethnoarchaeology, Ethnography, Historical Anthropology, Historical Ecology, Interdisciplinary Approaches, Landscape, Political Ecology, Pre-Industrial Complex Societies, Pre-Industrial Societies, South America, Symbolic Anthropology, Tropics, and Urban Studies

Oyuela-Caycedo, Augusto

Amazon, Andes, archaeology, ecology, ecology of religion, evolution of ideology, food production, historical ecology, history, indigenous peoples, Latin America, South America, theory, technology

Sassaman, Kenneth E.

Archaeology, Climate Change, Community Studies, Florida, Maritime Archaeology, Settlement, Shell Mounds, Southeastern US, and Technology

Schmidt, Peter

Archaeology, Africa, African Archaeology, Cameroon, East Africa, Eritrea, Ethnoarchaeology, Ethnotechnology, Gabon, Historical Archaeology, History, Iron Technology, Oral Tradition, Symbolic Anthropology, Symbolic Interpretation, Tanzania, Technology, and Uganda