Cultural Anthropology Faculty


Kane, Abdoulaye

Cultural Anthropology, Africa, Culture of Migration, Diaspora, Economic Life, History, Informal Finance, Migration, Muslim Religious Practice, Pilgrimage, Politics, Religion, Senegal, Social Inequality, Social Networks, Transnational Social Spaces, Transnationalism, and Village-Based Social Networks

Gravlee, Clarence C.

Cultural Anthropology, Cognitive Anthropology, Cultural Dimensions of Psychosocial Stress, Ethnicity, Human Biological Variation, Medical Anthropology, Psychosocial Stress, Qualitative Methods, Quantitative Methods, Race, Racism, Race and Racism, Social Inequalities in Health, Social Network Analysis, and Social Networks
Dr. Brenda Chalfin

Chalfin, Brenda

Cultural Anthropology, Africa, African Studies, Anthropology of the State, Biopolitics, Borders, Bureaucracy, Cities, Commodities, Economic Anthropology, Ghana, Globalization, Governance, Infrastructure, Interdisciplinarity, International Organizations, Maritime Anthropology, Off Shore Oil, Political Anthropology, Political Economy, Ports, and Waste

Johnson, Jeffrey C.

Cultural Anthropology, Anthropological Methods, Food Webs, Group Dynamics, Methods, Modeling, Networks, Quantitative Methods, and Social Networks

Bardosh, Kevin

Cultural Anthropology, Agrarian Studies, Behavioral Science, Community-Based Approaches, Development Anthropology, Development Studies, Emerging Diseases, Environmental Anthropology, Epidemiology, Global Health, Implementation Science, Infectious Disease, Livestock Systems, Medical Anthropology, Pandemics, Participatory Approaches, and Science and Technology Studies
Dr. Jack Kugelmass

Kugelmass, Jack

Cultural Anthropology, Ethnicity, Europe, Food, Middle East, North America, Religion, Urban Studies, and Visual Anthropology

Collings, Pete

Cultural Anthropology, Aging, Artic, Community Studies, Development, Ecology, Environment, Ethnography, Inuit, North America, Social Change, and Subsistence

Kernaghan, Richard

Cultural Anthropology, Aesthetics, Amazon, Amazonia, Crime, Divination, Ethnographic Writing, Ethnography, Forgetting, Illicit Worlds, Latin America, Law, Legal Anthropology, Legal Time, Memory, Peru, Political Time, Politics, Presentiment, Rivers, Roads, Settler Frontiers, Social Lives of Rivers, Social Lives of Rural Roads, South America, State Margins, Violence, and Visuality

McCarty, Christopher

Cultural Anthropology, Acculturation, Collaboration Networks, Disasters, Personal Network Analysis, Social Network Analysis, and Survey Research
CK Shih

Shih, Chuan-Kang

Cultural Anthropology, East Asia, Ethnicity, Ethnography, Gender, Historical Anthropology, History, and Kinship

Østebø, Marit

Cultural Anthropology, Anthropology of Aid, Anthropology of Development, Anthropology of Human Rights, Development, Ethiopia, Faith-Based Organizations, Feminist Anthropology, Gender-Based Violence, Gender Equality, Global Health, Medical Anthropology, Religion, Religion and Development, Reproductive Health, Reproductive Rights, Team-Based Learning, and Women's Rights

Stepp, John Richard

Cultural Anthropology, Conservation, Ecological Anthropology, Environment, Ethnobotany, GIS, Medical Anthropology, Mesoamerica, and Visual Anthropology

Tucker, Catherine May

Cultural Anthropology, Belief Systems, Climate Change, Climate Change Adaptation, Coffee, Coffee Consumption, Coffee Production, Community-Based Conservation, Conservation, Economic Anthropology, Environmental Anthropology, Environmental Governance, Institutional Analysis, Latin America, Sustainability, and Value Chains