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Published: April 21st, 2016

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Course # Section Instructor Title (click for syllabus)
ANG 5164 06DA Moseley, Michael E Inca & Their Ancestor
ANG 5485 1E39 Johnson, Jeffrey C Research Design
ANG 5525 09B3 Deleon, Valerie Burke Human Osteol & Osteom
ANG 5621 213A Broadwell, George Aaron

Collings, Peter F

Prosem Cul/Lin Anthro
ANG 6146 211D deFrance, Susan D Maritime Adaptations
ANG 6186 09A0 Davidson, James M Historical Ceramics
ANG 6186 21HA Sassaman, Kenneth Edward, Jr Hunters & Gatherers
ANG 6241 21H1 Oyuela-Caycedo, Augusto Ecology of Religion
ANG 6314 214C Collings, Peter F Peoples of the Arctic
ANG 6524 162H Daegling, David Skeletal Mechanics
ANG 6801 18B7 Johnson, Jeffrey C Ethnographic Field Methods
ANG 6905 19H2 Gravlee, Clarence C, IV Med Anth Journal Club
ANG 6905 22AC Emery, Katherine Freances Env Arch Journal Club
ANG 6905 9727 Staff Individual Work
ANG 6910 9726 Staff Supervised Research
ANG 6915 4532 Staff Research Projects
ANG 6930 09DC Oyuela-Caycedo, Augusto Social Life of Plants
ANG 6930 09G3 Keegan, William Francis Anth Non-Market Econo
ANG 6930 0966 Stoilkova, Maria Milkova Dissertation Writing
ANG 6930 1B66 Ostebo, Marit Tolo Anthropology of International Development
ANG 6930 1156 Krigbaum, John Bioarchaeology
ANG 6930 17A2 Shih, Chuan-Kang Anthropological Demography
ANG 6930 18CA Tucker, Catherine May People/Protected Area
ANG 6930 2H08 Arfi, Khadidja Soc & Pol Change MENA
ANG 6930 21H6 Davidson, James M Jim Crow America
ANG 6930 212B Wright, Robin Contemporary Shamanisms
ANG 6930 2125 Kernaghan, Richard B Topographies of Law
ANG 6930 213B Broadwell, George Aaron The Timucua Language
ANG 6930 213H Kane, Abdoulaye Global Connections
ANG 6930 2151 Jusionyte, Ieva Law & Order in America
ANG 6930 2153 Jusionyte, Ieva Anthropology of Latin America
ANG 6930 217B Young, Alyson Gail Methods in Nutri Anth
ANG 6940 11D0 Staff Supervised Teaching
ANG 6945 2C67 Staff Internship in Anthro
ANG 6971 7069 Staff Masters Research
ANG 7979 7070 Staff Advanced Research
ANG 7980 7071 Staff Doctoral Research


Course # Section Instructor Title (click for syllabus)
ANT 2000 1D31 Duffy, Lisa G General Anthropology
ANT 2000 216C Andrews, Deborah J General Anthropology
ANT 2000 6268 Carranza Zelaya, Marlon Edgardo General Anthropology
ANT 2140 2A98






 Lawres, Nathan R  Intro World Archaeology
 ANT 2301 All Sections


 Gravlee, Clarance C, IV Human Sexuality and Culture
 ANT 2402 14AF Stepp, John Richard Anthropology of Sustainability
 ANT 2410 2447 Felima, Crystal A Cultural Anthropology
 ANT 2410 3121






Kernaghan, Richard B Cultural Anthropology
ANT 3141 216G


Hussey, Robert S  Dev of World Civilizations
ANT 3164 7927 Moseley, Michael E Inca and Their Ancestor
ANT 3302 9618 Arfi, Khadidja Sex Roles Cross-Culturally
ANT 3364 17AH Shih, Chuan-Kang People and Cultures of China
ANT 3451 178G


Krigbaum, John  Race and Racism
ANT 3467 08BF Laffey, Ann O Food and Culture
ANT 3514C 0316









Deleon, Valerie Burke Intro to Biological Anthropology
ANT 3520 16B2



Schober, Theresa Marie Skeleton Keys: Intro to Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3520 9265 Warren, Michael Wade Skeleton Keys: Intro to Forensic Anthropology
ANT 3620 18CC


Laguer Diaz, Carmen A Language and Culture
ANT 3620 2A32


King, Sean L Language and Culture
ANT 3860 2D73 Gu, Jandy A Writing in Anthropology
ANT 3860 3302 Mukhopadhyay, Aniruddha Writing in Anthropology
ANT 3930 09HA Kugelmass, Jack M Screening Holocaust
ANT 3930 094E


Vadala, Jeffrey R Digital Anthropology
ANT 3930 096C Stoilkova, Maria Milkova Globalization and Migration
ANT 3930 1C70 Ostebo, Marit Tolo Gender, Religion, and Human Rights
ANT 3930 21H5 Davidson, James M Archeology of African-American Life
ANT 3930 2118 Wright, Robin Religion and Society
ANT 3930 212A Wright, Robin Contemporary Shamanisms
ANT 4114 1H89



Gillespie, Susan D Principles of Archaeology
ANT 4354 213F Kane, Abdoulaye Anthropology of Modern Africa
ANT 4392 214B Collings, Peter F Peoples of the Arctic
ANT 4403 214A Tucker, Catherine May Environment and Cultural Behavior
ANT 4495 1E34 Johnson, Jeffrey C Ethnographic Methods
ANT 4525 2452 Van Voorhis, Laura B Human Osteology
ANT 4525 4166 Deleon, Valeria Burke Human Osteology
ANT 4824 15FA Brandt, Steven Andrew Field Sessions in Archaeology
ANT 4905 9739 STAFF Individual Work
ANT 4907 9536 STAFF Research Projects
ANT 4914 9737 STAFF Departmental Honors
ANT 4930 09D1 Oyuela-Caycedo, Augusto Social Life of Plants
ANT 4930 09G8 Keegan, William Francis Anthropology of Non-Market Economies
ANT 4930 0967 Arfi, Khadidja Social and Political Change in MENA
ANT 4930 1C42 Bwenge, Charles M African Language Worldview
ANT 4930 1123 Daegling, David Advanced Human Osteology
ANT 4930 115B Krigbaum, John Bioarchaeology
ANT 4930 15F3 Brandt, Steven Andrew African Archaeology
ANT 4930 15G0 Brandt, Steven Andrew African Archaeological Analysis
ANT 4930 18CB Stepp, John Richard Creating a LA Garden
ANT 4930 2D58 Shih, Chuan-Kang Anthropological Demography
ANT 4930 2H25 Ostebo, Marit Tolo Anthropology of International Development
ANT 4930 21H7 Davidson, James M Jim Crow America
ANT 4930 213C Broadwell, George Aaron The Timucua Language
ANT 4930 2130 Kane, Abdoulaye Global Connections
ANT 4930 2147 Jusionyte, Ieva Law and Order in America
ANT 4930 2148 Jusionyte, Ieva Anthropology of Latin America
ANT 4930 217F Young, Alyson Gail Pregnancy and Birth
ANT 4930 23FF Kernagan, Richard B Topographies of Law

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