Graduate Student News

Find out what great things are happening with our students! Updates for Serenela Pelier, Justin Hosbey, Lisa Duffy, Meggan Blessing, and Scott Macrae.

Serenela Pelier has been awarded a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!  She plans to complete a preliminary study of the isotopes of Florida panthers and then conduct dissertation research on the provenance of Egyptian mummified animals using isotopes.


Justin Hosbey has been awarded the Marilyn Yarbrough Dissertation Fellowship at Kenyon College for the 2016-17 school year!  He will be in residency there next year to complete his dissertation.


Lisa Duffy has been awarded a Graduate Student Teaching Award!  Congratulations to Lisa for her work in the classroom, particularly with ANT2000.


Meggan Blessing has received the Bullen Award from the Florida Museum of Natural History for her work on bone tools from Stallings Island Archaic sites.


Scott Macrae is part of a recent publication in Trent Universities Occasional Papers in Anthropology. This volume “Framing a Comparative Analysis of Tropical Civilizations: SETS Project – Phase 1 (Volume 2)” is edited by Gyles Iannone, Kendall Hills, and Scott Macrae. In this volume Scott and colleagues discuss comparative investigations conducted by the “Socio-Ecological Entanglement in Tropical Societies” research project in Southeast Asia. Within this they have two chapters that discuss the agricultural strategies of our cases studies within the framework of the adaptive cycle and resiliency theory. (Chapter 3: Agricultural Strategies Amongst the Charter States of the Cham and Dai Viet: A Study of the Adaptive Cycle and Spatial Resilience; Chapter 4: Identifying Agrarian Low-Density Urbanism Amongst the Charter States of the Chola and Sinhalese). This is the 2nd of two volumes, both open-source and available at (


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