Milestones of Progress towards a PhD in Anthropology

Published: July 11th, 2017

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The trajectory of PhD students will vary, but there are certain milestones that should be met by the end of the first semester, second semester, and final semester. They are listed below, with more complete information on each provided in the Graduate Program Policies and Procedures.

First Semester

  • Complete Proseminar I or obtain written exemption.
  • Secure a Supervisory Committee chair.
  • Submit complete transcripts for previous degrees.
  • Transfer previous graduate credits.
  • Complete a PhD certification form if moving from MA to PhD.

Second Semester

  • Complete Proseminar II or obtain written exemption.
  • Establish complete Supervisory Committee.
  • Choose a track (specialized, multi-field, or interdisciplinary).
  • Obtain an audit of progress from the Graduate Program Assistant.
  • Submit your first Graduate Student Annual Report at the end of the Spring term of your first year.

Semester of Qualifying Examination

  • Meet registration requirements (3 credits of ANG 7979 for Fall or Spring semester; 2 credits for Summer semester).
  • Complete written qualifying exams.
  • Complete oral qualifying exams.
  • Turn in the Exam Form signed by your committee.

Final Semester

Is this your final semester? See Important Dates.

  1. Meet registration requirements for final term (3 credits of ANG 7980 for Fall or Spring semester; 2 credits for Summer semester).
  2. Apply for your degree and notify the Department.
  3. Meet requirements set by the Graduate Editorial Office.
  4. Defend your dissertation.
  5. Turn in Final Exam forms.
  6. Order graduation regalia and confirm your address.
  7. Inform the Graduate Program Assistant if you will be marching in Commencement and who will be your escort.

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