Affiliate, Courtesy, & Emeritus Faculty


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Bernard, H. RussellProfessor
Bloch, Jonathan I.Affiliate Associate Professor of Anthropology
Associate Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, FLMNH
Blondeau, HélèneAffiliate, Department of Languages, Literatures, and
Bricker, VictoriaCourtesy
Burns, AllanProfessor
Bwenge, CharlesAffiliate, Center for African
Cohen, JoelDistinguished Service Professor
Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
Deagan, KathleenDistinguished Research Curator, FLMNH
Adjunct Professor of Anthropology
Doughty, PaulProfessor
Emery, KittyAssociate Curator, FLMNH
Affiliate Associate Professor of Anthropology
Emihovich, CatherineProfessor and Dean, College of
Grove, DavidProfessor
González-Tennant, EdwardCourtesy
Keegan, William F.Affiliate Professor of Anthropology,
Kimura, BirgittaCourtesy
Lewis, KennethCourtesy
Ludena, HugoCourtesy
Margolis, Maxine L. Professor
Marquardt, WilliamAffiliate Professor, Curator of Archaeology,
McMillan, DellaCourtesy
Milanich, JeraldAdjunct Professor, Curator Emeritus,
Milbrath, SusanAffiliate Professor of Anthropology
Curator of Latin American Art and Archaeology, FLMNH
Moseley, MichaelProfessor
Murray, Gerald F.Professor
Nagan, WinstonAffiliate Professor, Levin College of
Oliver-Smith, AnthonyProfessor
Purdy, BarbaraProfessor
Schmink, MarianneProfessor
Spring, AnitaProfessor
Thomas-Houston, MarylynProfessor Emeritus
Walker, Karen JoAffiliate,
Wallis, Neill J.Research Curator,
Wing, ElizabethCurator Emeritus, FLMNH
Wright, Robin M.Affiliate, Religion

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