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Steven A. Brandt, PhD

Dr. Steven A. Brandt
Associate Professor
Office: Turlington Hall, Room B368
Phone: (352) 294-7599
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  • Ph.D. UC-Berkeley
  • M.A. UC-Berkeley
  • B.A. UC-Berkeley

Research Interests

African archaeology and ethnoarchaeology, cultural heritage management, historical ecology.

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Selected Publications

Brandt, Steven A., Erich C. Fisher, Elisabeth A. Hildebrand, Ralf Vogelsang, Stanley H. Ambrose, Jos├ęphine Lesur, and Hong Wang. 2012. Early MIS 3 Occupation of Mochena Borago Rockshelter, Southwest Ethiopian Highlands: Implications for Late Pleistocene Archaeology, Paleoenvironments and Modern Human Dispersals. Quaternary International 274:38-54.

Hildebrand, Elisabeth Anne, and Steven Andrew Brandt. 2010. An Archaeological Survey of the Tropical Highlands of Kafa, Southwestern Ethiopia. Journal of African Archaeology 8:43-63.

Hildebrand, Elisabeth Anne, Steven Andrew Brandt, and Jos├ęphine Lesur-Gebremariam. 2010. The Holocene Archaeology of Southwest Ethiopia: New Insights from the Kafa Archaeological Project. African Archaeological Review 274:255-289.

Brandt, Steven A., Andrea Manzo, and Cinzia Perlingieri. 2007. Linking the Highlands and Lowlands: Implications of a Test Excavation at Kokan Rockshelter, Agordat, Eritrea. In The Archaeology of Ancient Eritrea, edited by Peter R. Schmidt, Matthew C. Curtis, and Zelalem Teka, pp. 33-47. The Red Sea Press, Trenton, NJ.

Walz, Jonathan R., and Steven A. Brandt. 2006. Toward an Archaeology of the Other African Diaspora: The Slave Trade and Dispersed Africans in the Western Indian Ocean. In African Re-Genesis: Confronting Social Issues in the Diaspora, edited by Jay B. Haviser and Kevin C. MacDonald, pp. 246-268. UCL Press, Abingdon.

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