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Felicien Masanga Maisha

Graduate Student



  • Ph.D. Anthropology, University of Florida, In Progress
  • M.A.
  • B.A.


Cultural Anthropology


Dr. Brenda Chalfin

Dr. Connie Mulligan (Co-Chair)

Research Interests

Youth assets in the conflictual environment: former child soldiers and socioeconomic reintegration process through creative art in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Manhood and issues regarding pregnancy and childbirth in Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Women perceptions and attitudes regarding maternity care in the era of Respectful Maternity Care (RMC): home delivery vs facility based delivery.

Selected Publications

Nicole C. D’Errico , Tshibangu Kalala , Louise Bashige Nzigire , Felicien Maisha& Luc Malemo Kalisya (2013) ‘You say rape, I say hospitals. But whose voice is louder?’ Health, aid and decision-making in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Review of African Political Economy, 40:135, 51-66, DOI: 10.1080/03056244.2012.761962

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards