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2012-2015 Undergraduate Student Achievements

University Scholars 2014-2015

Anthony Boucher

  • Research Project: “Power and Wealth: Axe-shaped Iron Ingots in Viking-age Europe”
  • Mentor: Dr. Florin Curta

Austin Jacobs

  • Research Project: “Uncovering Remnants of Western Civilization through Mass Spectrometry”
  • Mentor: Dr. John Krigbaum

Rachel Kalisher

  • Research Project: “Evaluating Cultural Identity within Middle Bronze Age Burials in the Levant”
  • Mentor: Dr. Andrew Nichols

Alexander Tasi

  • Research Project: “Cob Marked Pottery and Maize in Pre-Colonial Florida”
  • Mentor:┬áDr. Neill Wallis

University Scholars 2013-2014

  • David Aarons
  • Lindsay Avila
  • Celicia Benitez
  • Anthony Castro
  • Nicholas Coutu

University Scholars 2012-2013

  • Tanya Azuaje
  • Giovanna Avello
  • Brooke Fidrick
  • Elizabeth Gause
  • Megan Raitano
  • Alex Rix
  • Daniel Sarafan