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Milestones of Progress towards a Masters degree in Anthropology

The trajectory of MA students will vary, but there are certain milestones that should be met by the end of the first semester, second semester, and final semester. They are listed below, with more complete information on each provided in the Graduate Program and Policies.

First Semester

  • Complete Pro-Seminar I or obtain written exemption.
  • Secure a Supervisory Committee chair.
  • Submit complete transcripts for previous degrees.
  • Transfer previous graduate credits.

Second Semester

  • Complete Pro-Seminar II or obtain written exemption.
  • Establish complete Supervisory Committee.
  • Choose a track (specialized, multi-field, or interdisciplinary).
  • Choose Thesis or Non-thesis option.
  • Obtain an audit of progress from the Graduate Program Assistant.
  • Submit your first Graduate Student Annual Report at the end of Spring term of your first year.

Final Semester

  • Meet registration requirements for MA final term.
  • Apply for your degree and notify the Department.
  • Complete comprehensive exams unless waived by your committee.
  • Non-thesis Students: submit a publishable paper to your committee.
  • Thesis Students: Meet requirements set by the Graduate Editorial Office.
  • Apply for Certification into the PhD Program
  • Turn in Final Exam forms.
  • Order graduation regalia and confirm your address.


If you do not plan to continue your studies past the MA, notify your committee of your plans and submit your updated contact information to the Graduate Program Assistant. Note that the Department strongly discourages graduate students from a terminal MA.

Please familiarize yourself with the PhD milestones.