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Readmission to the Graduate Program

Students who take two or more semesters off (including summer) must apply for readmission. All graduate readmissions must be approved by both the Department and the College. The Department generally approves the readmission of graduate students who were in good standing when last enrolled, and may require additional documentation or deny readmission for students absent without leave or those not in good standing in the program. Readmission is specific to one semester and does not roll over to the next semester.

The Process of Applying for Readmission

  1. Start early. Begin the process at least 6 weeks before the first day of classes. If you have been offered a fellowship or assistantship, it is particularly important that you start the process early to avoid delays in the payment of your funding.
  2. Contact the Graduate Program Assistant. Notify the Department of your intent to apply for readmission. The Graduate Program Assistant will then expect your readmission application and can alert you to any possible problems, delays, or change of policy.
  3. Complete the Application for Readmission:
    • Create your account (just asks for basic information: email, name, and birthdate)
    • After creating your account, you can access the ‘Online Application’ link
    • Steps for completing the application online are very straightforward – the system is fairly idiot-proof, and will check every piece of information you enter for correctness once you complete a page. There are 11 pages to fill in for the full application, however not all of them are strictly necessary. These pages mostly reflect the same information on the old paper form.
    • Page 3 is where you tell the system that you were previously a graduate student who attended UF. This page also asks if you are reapplying to the same program as before.
    • Page 5 is where you tell the system what colleges you have previously attended, including undergraduate and graduate programs, and including UF for those who are reapplying.
    • Pages 7-9 do not apply to graduate students seeking readmission, so the system just has you skip past them.
    • Page 10 is your residency declaration.
    • The process takes about half an hour, but the system gives you the ability to save data and return to it at a future date if you’d like.
    • Some helpful hints:
      • You cannot enter dashes or parentheses for telephone numbers (just 10 digits)
      • The page asking for a “program concentration” in Anthropology does not list our subfields. The available concentrations are No Concentration, Tropical Conservation & Development, Historic Preservation, and Women’s Studies. You may type in your subfield in the “program specialization” field.
    • After hitting the “Submit” button on Page 11 (which is simply a statement verifying that the information you entered is true), you are directed to a page to pay for application.
    • Credit/Debit card is the only payment method, and the cost is $37.00 ($30 application fee, $7 processing fee)
    • After payment, you are taken to a receipt page, and an email is delivered to you explaining that the online form has been submitted and that an official email of receipt will follow shortly.
    • Admissions will send the referral page to the department through campus mail. The department will get the required signatures and send the form back for final processing.

At the time of readmission, the Office of Admissions will review your residency status based on information you submit on the reapplication form. If you have questions about your residency status, contact the Office of Admissions. The Department has no influence on the determination of your residency status.