2018 Department of Anthropology Research Award Winners Announced

Amaya-Burns Award

Macarena Moraga


Doughty Research Award

Amanda Brock

Aja Cacan

Oswaldo Medina-Ramirez

Riley Ravary

Nolan Ruark

Sarah Staub


Fairbanks Award

Jorge Garcia

Nathan Lawres

Ginessa Mahar


Goggin Award

Daniel Barroca

Randee Fladeboe

Taylor Polvadore


Maples Award

Janet Finlayson


Waggoner Grants-in-Aid

Aaron Ellrich

Jamie Fuller

Simon Goldstone

Brittany Mistretta

Mohammed Mustapha

Josefina Vasquez


Safe travels to all that are conducting research this summer, and we look forward to hearing about your research in the 2018-2019 Colloquium Series!


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