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Friday Bulletin May 4, 2018

Upcoming Events

Please join us (and share widely) for the following workshops:

Wednesday, May 9, 1-3 pm
Introduction to 3D Technologies and Augmented Reality<>
Marston Science Library, Rm L136
Workshop created and hosted by graduate students Brittany Mistretta [Anthropology] and Francisco Morales

Wednesday, May 16, 1-2 pm
Introduction to Project Management<>
Library West 212 (Scott Nygren Scholars Studio)
Workshop created and hosted by graduate students Holland Hall and Patrick Daglaris

Additional Items of Interest

Gift from the AAA to new Anthropology PhDs

Congratulations to graduating students, and to the faculty mentors who have guided them. As a graduation present to the students from departments that take part in the AAA’s Department Services Program, we offer a one-year free membership to all newly minted PhDs, and for those DSP member programs whose highest degree is a Master’s degree, we extend the same offer to their graduates.

Nominations must be made by the Department Chair.  For information and details consult this webpage. The nomination form can be found here.