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Congratulations to our Fall 2018 Graduates!

The close of the semester is a time for many of us to depart Gainesville for the holiday break, but it’s also a great time for recognizing all of the students who have made some significant achievements.

The biggest of these are our students who depart UF with their Doctoral Degrees.  At yesterday’s degree ceremony, we recognized seven students — Ben Burgen, Marlon Carranza, Choeeta Chakrabarti, Dalila D’Ingeo, Stephanie Juengling, and Susan Lad, and Justin Quinn.

Three students also earned the Master of Arts degree this fall: Rebecca Henderson, Hannah Toombs, and Rachel Wayne.

An additional 17 students passed their qualifying exams this semester.

Congratulations to every one of you for marking some very important milestones in your careers.