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Jordi Rivera Prince

Research Interests

My research focuses on the bioarchaeology of ancient maritime communities in the Moche Valley, North Coast of Peru. Specifically, my work seeks to reconstruct the paleodemography and health status of a population excavated at the José Olaya site in Huanchaco (15 km north of modern-day Trujillo). I’m particularly interested the period after Chavín and leading up to the Early Intermediate Period; 500/400 to 200/50 BCE for its potential to inform on the role of migration, maritime resource exploitation, development of social stratification, and labor divisions in the emergence of later “empires” such as the Moche and Chimú. In conjunction with mortuary analysis, this work will provide a comprehensive overview of this particular maritime community, and contribute to broader perspectives in the changing sociopolitical dynamics in the north Central Andes.

Selected Publications

Matsumoto, Go; De Los Ríos, Gabriela; Rivera Prince, Jordi A.; Noguchi, Marie; and Villegas Julca, Gabriel (in press). Pasaje ritual de la Gran Plaa en el núcleo ceremonial de Huacas de Sicán. Book Chapter. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Facultad de Arqueología: Lima, Peru.

Grants, Fellowships, and Awards

  • Latin American Studies Field Research Grant, Center for Latin American Studies, University of Florida (2020)
  • University Distinguished Fellow, Michigan State University (2018-2019)
  • Charles P. and Linda A. Thompson Endowment Award, Michigan State University (2019) [not disbursed due to transfer]
  • Research Scholars Award, Michigan State University (2019) [not disbursed due to transfer]
  • Kenneth E. and Marie J. Corey Research Enrichment Award, Michigan State University (2019) [not disbursed due to transfer]
  • Research Scholars Award (2019) [not disbursed due to transfer]
  • Research Enhancement Fellowship, Department of Anthropology, Michigan State University (2018, 2019) [2019 award not disbursed due to transfer]
  • Fulbright Open Research Fellow, Universidad Nacional de Trujillo, Peru (2017-2018)
  • Smithsonian Minority Award, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC (2016)