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2301 Human Sexuality and Culture

GenEd S and D

WR 6000 words

Dr. Bogart

Focus on human sexuality in an anthropological context-examining culture, biology, and archaeology through time and space-enriches our understanding because it encourages us to examine a wide range of human sexual experiences within and across cultures. The course emphasizes personal and cross-cultural views on sexuality and takes an integrative approach to discuss current issues in society. The course starts out with basics and anatomy and physiology, moving into gender identity and sexual orientation, sexual problems and arousal, intimacy and communication, development and birth, contraception, sexual pleasure, paraphilias,sex work, sexual violence, and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV. Students will create original projects on a topic relating to the culture of sex and relationships on campus.Students come out of this class more informed about themselves andable to understand ongoing politics and world issues.