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ANT 4114 Principles of Archaeology

Dr. Gillespie

Principles of Archaeology is a 3-credit course providing comprehensive coverage of 21st century archaeological principles and concepts. Course content includes fundamentals of archaeological research, field and laboratory methods,and interpretation. Two weekly lectures are accompanied by a 50-minute lab period providing practical experience in map-reading, interpreting field drawings, classification, artifact analysis, experimental archaeology, and site data analysis. This course prepares students for advanced archaeology courses, including field school, and is essential for anyone contemplating graduate study in archaeology or careers in practicing or academic archaeology, forensic anthropology, Classics, history, art history, museology, historic site interpretation, cultural resource management, cultural heritage, historic preservation law, and environmental law. Special attention is given to archaeological finds and research problems in Florida. There is no lab fee. There is no textbook to purchase, but all students will download chapters and problems from The Archaeology Workbookon Canvas, along with other book chapters and journal articles. Prerequisite: ANT 2140 orANT 3141 or equivalent course. For information contact Prof. Susan Gillespie (