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ANT 3930 African-American Archaeology

Dr. Davidson

Since the Black Experience in this country has often been slighted, distorted, or actively suppressed, one means to resurrect this history is through a meticulous examination of the material objects left behind by these men, women, and children. Our time ranges from enslavement beginning in the 1600s in the British colonies of North America, through Emancipation, and into the early 20th century. This course is designed to present a historical overview of the field of African-American archaeology, starting with the first scientific excavations in the 1940s. Participants will obtain knowledge of important case studies, key figures, major issues, and the overall development of the discipline. Theoretical, methodological, and ethical issues will be addressed. Through lectures, I will introduce the readings and provide broad overviews of the overarching topics and issues within the field of African-American Archaeology. A portion of class time, however, well be spent discussing and critiquing readings.