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ANT 3364 Peoples and Cultures of China

Dr. C.K. Shih

This course is a comprehensive introduction to the diversity and change of Chinese culture and society based on ethnographic studies, theoretical analysis, and historical survey. We will read stories of a working woman in traditional China told by herself; an engaging autobiography of an ethnic minority intellectual who survived the political maelstrom in Maoist China and miraculously fulfilled his goal of life; a detailed description of changes in a village in the post-Mao era through the eyes of a native leader; as well as analytical essays by leading Western and Chinese scholars. Topics cover crucial issues concerning China’s past, present and future, with an emphasis on the conditions in the most recent decades. In addition to the reading materials, films will be shown on a weekly basis. Through lectures, readings, films, and class discussions, students will obtain an insightful and intimate understanding of China.