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Friday Scrapbook January 10, 2020

Workshops at the Center for Teaching Excellence

The Center for Teaching Excellence is dedicated to keeping faculty, staff, and teaching assistants connected and informed. Our goal is to help build a community of faculty members from all fields working together to share ideas and resources, to strengthen teaching, and maximize learning.  Workshops are open to both faculty and graduate students as noted, and include using apps in the classroom, team based learning, and improving online course delivery.  A full menu is available here.

UF Religious Observance Policy

A reminder from the Dean’s Office:

Students and faculty must work together to allow students the opportunity to observe the holy days of his or her faith. A student needs to inform the faculty member of the religious observances of his or her faith that will conflict with class attendance, with tests or examinations, or with other class activities prior to the class or occurrence of that test or activity. The faculty member is then obligated to accommodate that particular student’s religious observances. Because our students represent a myriad of cultures and many faiths, the University of Florida is not able to assure that scheduled academic activities do not conflict with the holy days of all religious groups. We, therefore, rely on individual students to make their need for an excused absence known in advance of the scheduled activities.

The UF Religious Holidays Policy is available at:

For University of Florida Students, the following guidelines apply: Students, upon prior notification of their instructors, shall be excused from class or other scheduled academic activity to observe a religious holy day of their faith. Students shall be permitted a reasonable amount of time to make up the material or activities covered in their absence. Students shall not be penalized due to absence from class or other scheduled academic activity because of religious observances.

If a faculty member is informed or is aware that a significant number of students are likely to be absent from class because of a religious observance, the faculty member should not schedule a major exam or other academic event at that time.

​A student who is to be excused from class for a religious observance is not required to provide a second party certification of the reason for the absence.

Furthermore, a student who believes that he or she has been unreasonably denied an education benefit due to religious beliefs or practices may seek redress through the student grievance procedure.

Thank you for your cooperation with this policy.

Job Board

The Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy at the University of Pennsylvania seeks applications for the Mitchell Center Postdoctoral Fellowship linked to our 2020-2021 series, “Free Speech Battles.”


2020-2021 Academic Year

Application Deadline: February 16, 2020

Apply through Interfolio at

The University of Pennsylvania’s Andrea Mitchell Center for the Study of Democracy invites applications for a one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship in any discipline whose research is pertinent to the theme of the Center’s 2020-2021 faculty workshop series, “Free Speech Battles.”  In addition to pursuing independent research, the postdoctoral fellow is expected to attend and participate in Mitchell Center events; teach one undergraduate course related to their academic interests; co-lead a research seminar for Mitchell Center undergraduate fellows; and attend other Mitchell events whenever possible. The stipend is $53,800 plus benefits, including health insurance.



Enjoy your weekend!

Pete Collings

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Anthropology

University of Florida