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ANT 4495 Ethnographic Methods

Dr. Schwartz

Go the game, write fieldnotes, repeat! In this very special edition of ANT 4495 Ethnographic Methods, up to 25 students will receive a hands-on apprenticeship in ethnography by participating in “Into the Jaws of Gator Nation,” a student-driven, instructor-coordinated research project. Students will do real fieldwork on what makes Gator fans tick using autoethnography, participant observation, direct and indirect observation, unstructured and semistructured interviews, and questionnaires and surveys. We will also use a web-based app to share and collaboratively analyze data with the rest of the class. At the end of the semester, students will write up and publish their findings on the project’s blog and work as a team to present actionable insights to clients in Marketing and Promotions at the University Athletic Association. A great opportunity to build your resume with real-world skills and experience!