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Friday Bulletin June 5, 2020

Hi Everyone!
Here’s a couple of items for the week:
Requiring ANT 3451, Race and Racism
  • As many of you know, a petition is circulating to replace the required What is the Good Life? course with ANT 3451, Race and Racism.  As of this morning, the petition had 23,000 signatures (you can find it here).  Dr. Lance Gravlee, who designed and frequently teaches the course, has written an essay about the petition, which is published in today’s Gainesville Sun.  You can read the essay here.


Awards and Press
  • Ph.D. Candidate Nicolas Delsol was recently named the winner of the Bullen Award for student research and significant contributions to the development of museum collections and programs.  The Bullen Award honors former Florida Museum archaeology curator Ripley P. Bullen and recognizes students conducting research on the anthropology of Florida or the Caribbean Basin.  You can read the museum’s press release here, and the announcement in the Gainesville Sun here.  Congratulations, Nicolas!
  • Drs. Michele Lefebvre and Susan deFrance were recently featured in the College (here) for their research on the domestication of the guinea pig, which is published in Scientific Reports.  You can read the full article here.
Research Ethics and Covid-19
  • Courtesy of Riley Ravaryhere is a link to a series of essays on the conduct of research within the conduct of pandemics.
Peter Collings
Associate Professor and Chair
Department of Anthropology
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