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Coursework and Requirements

Requirements and Coursework

Undergraduates can concentrate their studies in one of these four subfields. All degrees granted to undergraduate students are in Anthropology rather than the area of concentration.

Majors are encouraged to take ANT 2000 in their first year of coursework but it is not required. Of the remaining 18 hours, 15 must be 3000 level and above. The remaining required three hours of anthropology may be at any level (1000-6000). A grade of “C” or better must be earned in all anthropology classes. Grades of S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory) are not accepted when assessing course credits.

All anthropology majors are also required to take STA 2023 (Introduction to Statistics). These three hours are in addition to the 34 hours of anthropology. A grade of “C” or better is required.

Once you have completed the core requirements, you may either focus your studies on one of the four fields of anthropology or take classes in various theoretical and geographic foci. You should select upper-division electives that complement your interests in anthropology and career goals. Because of our department’s established synergies, many students pursue African studies, Latin American studies or Classics. A variety of options are available from which to choose classes. You should consult with a faculty member with expertise in your area of interest for suggestions on additional classes.

Transfer Credit

The Department accepts a number of transfer credits in anthropology from both community colleges and other four-year universities but these must be consistent either with the Statewide Course Numbering System or be approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator (course syllabi required) . Cultural Anthropology (ANT 2410) is most commonly accepted. We will also accept credit for an Introductory Statistics class. You must earn a C grade or better in all classes you intend to transfer. If you are planning on transferring to the University of Florida, please save your college catalog or course syllabi so that we can determine if the class is appropriate for credit at UF. You can consult with the Undergraduate Coordinator to determine which classes will be accepted.

Guide to Undergraduate Courses

There are no prerequisites for 2000 level courses. Descriptions of new courses are posted outside the Main Office in Turlington 1112.

Students in the Honors program may take the honors sections of ANT 2301 Human Sexuality and Culture, ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology, ANT 3514 Biological Anthropology and ANT 3620 Language and Culture. Honors students are also eligible at the sophomore level and above to take, with permission of the instructor, any graduate level course. Honors students are encouraged to continue in the department’s honors program.

Students are encouraged to take anthropology courses that include Method, Theory and Topical courses as well as Area Courses in either the Ethnographic or Archaeological Cultures of different regions.

  • Method, Theory and Topical Courses: ANT 4035, 4110, 4185, 4255, 4266, 4273, 4274, 4403, 4462, 4525, 4552, 4586, 4620.
  • Ethnographic and Archaeological Cultures Courses: 3153, 3163, 3164, 3332, 3365, 3367, 4326, 4336, 4337, 4352, 4354.

Students concentrating in either cultural anthropology or archaeology are also encouraged to complete either an ethnographic study abroad program or an archaeological field school. It is recommended that these be completed prior to senior year.