Penetrating the Darkness of Time is about cultural milestones and the origins of the use of materials by ancient humans that led to the world we live in today. The book is written for the general public. It is interdisciplinary, and covers a series of topics in readable language about the development of various technologies—stone, bone, ceramics, metallurgy, art—from prehistoric to modern times, and discusses the role of trade, travel, exploration, language, and genetics in spreading and improving upon these technologies throughout the world. The book also briefly addresses some of the problems we humans have created by being the only species in an ecological niche (intellectual) making decisions for the rest of the earth and its occupants.

Barbara A. Purdy is Professor Emerita of Anthropology and Curator Emerita in Archaeology, Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida. She is the author of numerous books including Florida’s Prehistoric Stone Technology, How to Do Archaeology the Right Way, Indian Art of Ancient Florida, Florida’s People During the Last Ice Age, the Art and Archaeology of Florida’s Wetlands, West of the Papal Line, The Precise and True Story of Terra Florida, plus several edited volumes.

An article Dr. Stepp co-authored with a team out of Duke Univ. (“Are the Ghosts of Nature’s Past Haunting Ecology Today?”) was published in Current Biology on Monday and has been getting a lot of media coverage. See links below to view some of the published features:

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As many of you know today was Mike Warren’s last day of service with the Department of Anthropology and the University of Florida.  After many years of dedicated service to our department and the Pound Lab, Mike is retiring.  His efforts in building our forensic program to the best in the country are reflected in his receipt of the John and Reve’ Walsh Award by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement on September 11th.  I want to thank Mike for everything he has done for us and wish him well.

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Chris McCarty

Chair of Anthropology


The Search Committee for the Director of the C.A. Pound Human Identification Laboratory will be meeting on Tuesday, March 28 from 2:00-3:00pm in TUR 1208.  Questions or comments in advance of the meeting may be directed to Ms. Patricia King ( in the Anthropology Office.