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Ken Lewis

Published: Jan 17th, 2017

  Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology Adjunct Curator of History and Anthropology Emeritus, MSU Museum, Michigan State University Email:    lewisk@msu.edu Education: Ph.D. University of Oklahoma, 1975 M.A. Anthropology, University of Florida, 1969… Read More

Kevin Bardosh

Published: Jan 17th, 2017

Research Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Emerging Pathogens Office: Emerging Pathogens Institute, Bioinformatics Wing, Room 120 Email: kevinbardosh@ufl.edu Website:  Research Gate Google Scholar  Education Ph.D. African Studies/Centre of Infectious Disease,… Read More

Amanda D. Concha-Holmes, Ph.D.

Published: Nov 27th, 2016

Courtesy Faculty Email: Website: http://www.amandala.org/ amanda.d.concha.holmes@gmail.com Education: Ph.D. University of Florida, Anthropology M.A. University of Florida, Latin American Studies B.A. New College, Foreign Languages Research Interests As a visual and ecological anthropologist,… Read More

Pete Collings, Ph.D.

Published: Feb 9th, 2016

Associate Professor and Associate Department Chair, Department of Anthropology Office: Turlington Hall, B135 Phone: (352) 294-7593 Email: pcollings@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D., Penn State University, 1999 M.A., University of Arkansas, 1994 B.A., Bowdoin College, 1990… Read More

Jeffrey C. Johnson, Ph.D.

Published: Sep 28th, 2014

Professor of Anthropology Office: Turlington Hall , Room B129 / UF Ayers Technology Plaza, 720 SW 2nd Ave., Suite 150 Phone: (352) 392-1020 / (352) 392-0171 Email: johnsonje@ufl.edu Website Google… Read More

Valerie Burke DeLeon, Ph.D.

Published: Nov 24th, 2013

Associate Professor & Director of CAPHIL Office: Turlington Hall, Room B374 Phone: (352) 294-7602 Email: vdeleon@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2004 M.A., University of Florida, 1998 LL.M.… Read More

Catherine May Tucker, Ph.D.

Published: Nov 23rd, 2013

Professor Office: Grinter Hall 309 Phone: (352) 392-0690 Email: tuckerc@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D., Anthropology, University of Arizona, 1996 M.A., Anthropology, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1986 B.A., Anthropology/Biology/Philosophy, Gustavus Adolphus… Read More

Marit Østebø, Ph.D.

Published: Nov 20th, 2013

Assistant Professor Office: Grinter Hall, 496 Phone: (352) 273-4754 Email: marit.ostebo@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D. Anthropology of Gender and Development, University of Bergen, Norway, 2013 M.A. International Public Health, University… Read More

David J. Daegling, Ph.D.

Published: Nov 5th, 2013

Professor Office: Turlington Hall, Room B376 Phone: (352) 294-7603 Email: daegling@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D., Anthropology, Stony Brook University, 1990 M.A., Anthropology, Stony Brook University, 1989 B.A., Anthropology, Pitzer College,… Read More

George Aaron Broadwell, Ph.D.

Published: Nov 1st, 2013

Elling Eide Professor of Anthropology Office: Turlington Hall, Room B364 Phone: (352) 294-7598 Email: broadwell@ufl.edu Website Google Scholar Academia Education Ph.D. Linguistics, UCLA, 1990 M.A.,Linguistics, UCLA, 1986 B.A.,Linguistics, Harvard, 1983… Read More

Susan deFrance, Ph.D.

Published: Sep 29th, 2013

Professor On Research Leave–Spring 2017 Office: Turlington Hall, Room B1350 Office Phone: (352) 294-7531 Lab: Turlington Hall, Room B117 Lab Phone: (352) 294-7572 Email: sdef@ufl.edu Website Google Scholar Education Ph.D.… Read More

Peter Schmidt, Ph.D.

Published: Sep 29th, 2013

Professor Office: Grinter Hall, Room 441 Phone: (352) 392-4490 Lab: Turlington Hall, Room B353 Email: schmidtp@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D. M.A. B.A. Research Interests Historical Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Ethnotechnology, Iron Technology,… Read More