Friday Bulletin April 21, 2017

Published: May 9th, 2017

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Professionalism Seminar:

Publication Metrics and How to Strategize Your Academic Career

Presented by:              Chris McCarty

Date/Time:                 Wednesday, April 26th at 11:00 a.m.

Location:                     1208 Turlington Hall

Publications are the key way that faculty are evaluated.  When making hiring decisions or tenure and promotion decisions, publications are by far the most important factor.  Increasingly universities rely on standard publication metrics to make this easier.  In this presentation I’ll talk about different metrics, how they are used and how to maximize them.  I’ll talk about my experience with the tenure and promotion process and the kinds of things committees look for.  This should help you in planning your graduate career.

Assignment Prior to Attending:  Create a Google Scholar page for yourself


Russ Bernard:

Lance Gravlee:

Chris McCarty:


CLAS IT Trend Migration (CLAS IT Units)

CLAS IT will be migrating the antivirus software on your computer on the evening of May 3rd. We will be migrating from the Big Fix “Core Protection Module” to Trend-Micro OfficeScan.

We ask that if you are leaving for the summer to please leave your computer powered on, but log off before you leave. Simply leave the computer at the login prompt so that we may push out the updated anti-virus software.



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