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Published: November 20th, 2017

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An article that Dr. Warren and and Kate Kolpan wrote that concerns the Pound lab was recently published.

Upcoming Events


Please join us for a WORKSHOP with Katrien Pype, professor of Anthropology at Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and author of The Making of the Pentecostal Drama, on Monday 27 November, 4-6 PM in the Indaba Seminar Room on the 4th floor of Grinter.
Pype is a major specialist in the anthropology of Kinshasa and DRCongo and a highly creative innovator in the new field of media anthropology.
The WORKSHOP FORMAT means that all participants should strive to familiarize themselves with Pype’s work before coming to the workshop.
The FOCUS on the workshop will be a work-in-progress, an article that Prof. Pype is still refining for publication. Thus our comments, suggestions, and criticisms will matter.
The Image & Text Working Group which is sponsoring this event is VERY pleased to announce that Professor Richard Kernaghan of UFL’s Anthropology Department will serve as DISCUSSANT. He will open the WORKSHOP with at 4 p.m. with about 10 minutes of critical comments. Katrien Pype will then be given about 10 minutes to reply, before we open up the session from more questions and comments from the audience. During this process, Pype will also show a few slides that complement the piece.
Four papers are available for reading and perusing in advance.
Please send an email to shahreenzaman@UFL.EDU<mailto:shahreenzaman@UFL.EDU> if you would like to receive a link for these papers. in progress.Interference,Hotspots & Phonie Cabins
02.Pype.2016.Chronotopes of Media in Africa
03.Pype.2016.JRAI.Not like a Motorola & Mobile Phone Practices
04.Pype.2015.Ethnos.Dead Media Objects & Kinshasa’s Old Aged
We recommend that everyone familiarize themselves with the WORKING PAPER (01), and also read the short theoretical/methodological piece she co-authoried on CHRONOTOPES (02).
Those fond of mobile phones, outdated media technologies, and geriatric anthropology also have 03 and 04 to check out and read.
This event is brought to you by CAS’s Image-Text Working Group, organized by Apollo Amoko, Nancy Hunt, Alioune Sow, and Luise White.
All participants are invited to join us at Public & General for a — Dutch Treat — drink and bite.
Prof. Pype will be in town the entire week. If you would like to meet with her, please contact Nancy Hunt,<>

FASA Colloquium

12/5/17 – Tuesday, 4:00-5:00 pm in Little Hall Room 113 (reception to follow)
Prof. David Watts (Yale University)
Title:  The Chimpanzees of Ngogo: Behavioral Ecology and Demography of the Largest Known Wild Chimpanzee Community
Professor David Watts teaches in the Department of Anthropology at Yale University where he has been for over twenty years.  He specializes in the behavioral ecology of nonhuman primates, and currently leads research on common chimpanzees and their habitat at Ngogo (Kibale National Park, Uganda). He started the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project in 1995 which he co-directs with colleagues. For this FASA colloquium, Professor Watts will focus on his long-term field studies of the Ngogo chimpanzees and the interdisciplinary work he undertakes with students and colleagues.

Primatology Researchers to Speak on Mountain Gorillas and their Conservation

12/6/17 – Wednesday, 12:00-3:00 pm in UF Smathers Library (East) Room 100 (includes lunch/reception to follow)
Dr. Tara Stoinski (Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund)
Prof. David Watts (Yale University)
Title: Primatology researchers to speak on mountain gorillas and their conservation
To celebrate the exhibit “Bob Campbell’s Photographs of Dian Fossey’s Karisoke Research Center, 1968-1972”, the UF Smathers Libraries are pleased to host two leading primatologists to discuss their work with the mountain gorillas of East Africa.
Dr. Tara Stoinski has studied gorillas for over two decades. She leads conservation, protection and research efforts of gorillas in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and serves as the President and CEO/Chief Scientific Officer of the Fossey Fund. Her efforts and those of her international team have focused on the gorillas and their habitats in addition to active work with local communities and conservation groups to facilitate their protection.
Professor David Watts was director of Karisoke for two years, immediately following the murder of Dian Fossey in December 1985. Watts currently leads research on common chimpanzees and their habitat at Ngogo (Kibale National Park, Uganda) and started the Ngogo Chimpanzee Project in 1995 which he co-directs with colleagues. He did his doctoral research on mountain gorillas and much of his subsequent work was focused on of mountain gorilla ecology and behavior.
This event is co-sponsored with Center for African Studies, Department of Anthropology, UF International Center, UF Biodiversity Institute, Florida Museum of Natural History, Land Use and Environmental Change Institute, Tropical Conservation & Development, IFAS Wildlife Ecology & Conservation, and the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International.


University Press of Florida at UF is seeking interns for the Spring 2018 semester in the following areas:


Editorial, Design, and Production


Advertising and Design

Our internship program offers students of all majors the opportunity to gain employment experience in the business of book publishing.  To apply, students should visit A complete the application form found on that page. The application deadline is Friday, December 1.

Rachel Doll
Advertising and Direct Mail Manager
University Press of Florida
15 NW 15th Street | Gainesville, FL 32603<> | 352-392-1351 | @floridapress


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