Friday Scrapbook December 14, 2018

Published: December 16th, 2018

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Hi All,

Some news as the semester winds down and we’re furiously completing final exams, grading them, or, for some of you, both!

Graduations and other Milestones

The close of the semester is a time for many of us to depart Gainesville for the holiday break, but it’s also a great time for recognizing all of the students who have made some significant achievements.  The biggest of these are our students who depart UF with their Doctoral Degrees.  At yesterday’s degree ceremony, we recognized seven students — Ben Burgen, Marlon Carranza, Choeeta Chakrabarti, Dalila D’Ingeo, Stephanie Juengling, and Susan Lad, and Justin Quinn.

Three students also earned the Master of Arts degree this fall: Rebecca Henderson, Hannah Toombs, and Rachel Wayne.

An additional 17 students passed their qualifying exams this semester.

Congratulations to every one of you for marking some very important milestones in your careers.

Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Awards

I’m very pleased to announce that three our students received Doctoral Dissertation Awards.  These awards provide support for students in the very last stages of writing their dissertations.

Kelly Chapman received support for her dissertation  “Women and Water: Household Water Beliefs and Behaviors among Women in Haiti.”

Iliana Villegas  is currently writing her thesis, “Learning to Migrate: Mesoamerican Migrant Children as Agentive Subjects.”

Kristen Walczescky was awarded funding for her project,  “Narrating History: A Community-Based Approach to Decolonizing National and State Park Historical Narratives.”

Congratulations to all three!

Graduate Research Travel Awards

I’m equally happy to announce that two of our students: Liza Ibarrola and Sarah Zaleski, received  Graduate Research Travel Awards for Spring 2019.  These awards are made by the graduate school and provide travel support for doctoral research. Congratulations to both!

Fall Graduate Student Poster Competition

We held our annual competition at our holiday party, and the votes are in: Cady Gonzalez was our first-place winner, and Josefina Vasquez was our runner-up. In addition to a small prize to support their research, their posters now adorn the walls of the Chair’s office.  Thanks to all of our submissions.  They were all excellent.

The Jobs Front

The University of Kentucky is seeking an Assistant Professor in Bioarchaeology.  Find the full advertisement here.

Grinnell College is seeking a  Linguistic Anthropologist for a one year appointment , beginning Fall 2019.  Find the ad here.


That’s all the news for now.  Safe travels to everyone, and enjoy your holiday break.  I’ll see you all when we return in January.









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