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Anthropology is, at its core, an attempt to explain why humans do the things they do. The academic pursuit of such knowledge dovetails with a wide range of disciplines and professions that deal with the human experience. In a globalized and media-saturated world, anthropology has become much more than the armchair study of foreign lands and ancient peoples. It is now a grounded, multifaceted pursuit with opportunities for its students to cut across cultural, geographic and linguistic lines to contribute to a broader understanding of human behavior in a rapidly changing world.

The University of Florida Department of Anthropology’s quality of research is highly ranked on a national level. We value the application of anthropology to pressing sociopolitical concerns and health issues. We are committed to international and intercultural research and education.

The Department of Anthropology takes pride in maintaining a holistic perspective, bridging the four traditional fields that comprise the discipline: sociocultural, archaeological, biological and linguistic anthropology. Both graduate students and faculty conduct research that cut across the four fields and extend anthropological investigations into other disciplines.

A wealth of resources and specialties are available to both undergraduate and graduate students.