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Anthropology Alumni Listing

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NameDegreeDate AwardedCommittee ChairThesis/Dissertation Title
Cacan, AjaMA2017-8 SummerKernaghan, Richard
Winburn, AllyshaPhD2017-8 SummerWarren, Michael
Friend, AmandaMA2015-5 Spring
Grafft-Weiss, AmberMA2017-8 SummerDavidson, JamesSilent Defiance: Practicing Identity and Resistance in the Yards of the Enslaved
Cunningham, AndreanaMA2018-5 Spring
Laffey, AnnMA2011-5 Spring
Boucher, AnthonyMA2017-8 SummerSassaman, KennethPaths of the Past: An Off Mound Survey of Shell Mound's (8LV42) Northeastern Peninsula
Smith, BenjaminMA2018-5 Spring
Gonzalez, CadyMA2017-5 SpringOstebo, MaritCoffee Poolitics: Instrumentalizing Women and Coffee Rituals to Combat Open Defecation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Baird, CaitlinMA2012-5 Spring
Salazar, CarolaPhD2017-5 SpringCollings, Peter
Salazar, CarolaMA2014-5 Spring
Callicott, ChristinaMA2014-5 Spring
Clukay, ChristopherMA2015-12 Fall
Barroca, DanielMA2018-5 Spring
Dillon, DavidMA2015-5 Spring
Andrews, DeborahPhD2017-8 SummerSchmink, Marianne
McCarty, Christopher
Vyas, DevenPhD2017-8 SummerMulligan, Connie
Vyas, DevenMA2012-12 Fall
Haning, Dale (Ed)MA2016-5 SpringJusionyte, IevaCarrying a Badge: Empowerment and Constraint
Timmons, ErikMA2011-5 Spring
Lewis, EshePhD2017-8 SummerHarrison, Faye
Masanga Maisha, FelicienMA2017-5 SpringMulligan, Connie
Infante, FelipePhD2017-5 SpringMcCarty, Christopher
Toombs, HannahMA2018-12 FallTucker, Catherine
Gu, JandyMA2014-12 Fall
Jenkins, JessicaMA2016-5 SpringSassaman, KennethArchaeological Evidence of Oyster Mariculture in the Lower Suwannee Region of Gulf Coastal Florida
Troufflard, JoannaPhD2017-8 SummerSassaman, Kenneth
Hames, JohnPhD2017-8 SummerKane, Abdoulaye
Hames, JohnMA2012-5 Spring
Traff, JordanMA2018-8 Summer
Goodwin, JoshuaMA2017-8 SummerSassaman, KennethWhen the Ocean Meets the Sky: An Analysis of Avian Remains from a Civic-Ceremonial Center on the Florida Gulf Coast
Dunnavant, JustinPhD2017-8 SummerBrandt, Steven
Quinn, JustinMA2012-8 Summer
Kolpan, KatePhD2017-5 SpringKrigbaum, John
Muzyczka, KellyMA2017-5 SpringMcCarty, Christopher
Chapman, KellyMA2015-5 Spring
McDaniel, KevinMA2017-5 SpringHeckenberger, Michael
Robertson, KimberlyMA2013-12 Fall
Williamson, KylieMA2017-12 FallKrigbaum, JohnSorting through the Ashes: a Descriptive Analysis of Cremation Practices at River Styx (8AL458)
Cheek, LaurenPhD2017-8 SummerKane, Abdoulaye
Ibarrola, LizMA2016-12 FallDavidson, JamesFreedom in Florida: A Comparative Study of Resistance and Ethnogenesis in 19th Century Florida
Carranza Zelaya, MarlonMA2012-8 Summer
Cogburn, MeganMA2016-5 Spring
LeBlanc, MeganMA2018-5 Spring
Carey, MiaPhD2017-5 SpringdeFrance, Susan
Carey, MiaMA2014-12 Fall
Wylde, MichaelPhD2017-8 SummerdeFrance, Susan
Zurek, MichaelMA2017-12 Fall
Selba, Molly MartellMA2017-12 Fall
Carey, Elizabeth (Netty)MA2017-5 SpringChalfin, Brenda
Striepe, NicoleMA2017-5 SpringCollings, Peter
Rej, PeterPhD2017-8 SummerMulligan, Connie
Ravary, RileyMA2016-5 SpringKane, Abdoulaye
Hussey, R. ScottPhD2017-8 SummerSchmidt, Peter
Macrae, ScottPhD2017-5 SpringEmery, Kitty
King, SeanMA2016-12 FallBroadwell, George
Pelier, Serenela (Devi)MA2017-12 Fall
Lad, SusanMA2014-5 Spring
Polvadore, TaylorMA2016-5 Spring
Okraku, TheresePhD2017-8 SummerMcCarty, Christopher
Okraku, ThereseMA2015-5 Spring
Graham, TraceyPhD2017-8 SummerMcClaurin, Irma
Ponds, Venetia MA2014-8 Summer
Hagos, WeredeMA2017-5 SpringSchmidt, Peter
Victoria, AaronPhD2019-8 SummerKernaghan, RichardFinding Rhythms in the Road: How Mobilities Become Livelihoods on the Inter-American Highway
Burgen, BenjaminPhD2019-8 SummerKane, AbdoulayeOld Dreams, New Money, and Unfinished Houses: Economic Life in the Senegal River Valley Today
Geissler, ElisePhD2019-8 SummerDaegling, DavidFunctional and Phylogenetic Assessment of Dentin Microstructure and Hardness
Mahar, GinessaPhD2019-8 SummerWallis, NeillGathering Fish: Mass-Capture Fishing Practices and the Rise of a Woodland Civic-Ceremonial Center on the North Florida Gulf Coast
Villegas, IlianaPhD2019-8 SummerJusionyte, Ieva
Kernaghan, Richard
Me voy p'al norte: Adolescent Migrants in Securitized Mesoamerica
Garcia, JorgePhD2019-8 SummerOyuela-Caycedo, AugustoEcological Change and Dietary Social Inequality in La Tolita A Complex Society on the Northern Pacific Coast of South America
Leslie, KarenPhD2019-8 SummerMcCarty, ChristopherWhen Is It Okay To Use Violence? Analysis of Cultural Consensus Theory to Identify Instances for Acceptable Use of Interpersonal Violence Amoung Teens in an Urban School District
Chapman, KellyPhD2019-8 SummerCollings, PeterWomen and Water: Household Water Beliefs and Behaviors among Women in Gressier and Leogane, Haiti ( special Characters in Leogane)
Barboza, MyrianPhD2019-8 SummerOyuela-Caycedo, Augusto
Schmink, Marianne
"Tukuna Cosmopolitical Cartography": The Gendered Meaning and Use of Territories by Katukina Indigenous People (Bia River in Brazilian Amazonia)
Ruark, NolanMA2019-8 SummerKernaghan, Richard
McCrane, SamanthaMA2019-8 SummerDeLeon, Valerie
Chakrabarti, ChoeetaPhD2018-12 FallMcCarty, ChrisTrump, the Alt-Right and Modern Populism in America
D'Ingeo, DalilaPhD2018-12 FallGravlee, LanceAt the Bottom of the Food Chain. Experiences of Food Insecurity among African American Adolescents in Tallahassee, FL
Andrews, DeborahMA2012-5 SpringStepp, J. RickIntergenerational Transmission of Traditional Ecological Knowledge during Urban Sprawl: Expertise of a Florida Cracker Family
Dunnavant, JustinMA2013-5 SpringDavidson, JamesAfrican-American Mortality Amongst Inhabited Alleys in the District of Columbia: A Case of the Mt. Pleasant Plains Cemetery
Carranza Zelaya, MarlonPhD2018-12 FallKernaghan, RichardHomicide, Culture, and the Post-Coup Situation in Northwestern Honduras
Wylde, MichaelMA2013-5 SpringMarquardt, WilliamExcavations at Brown's Complex Mound 5, Pineland Site Complex, Pine Island, Florida
Henderson, RebeccaMA2018-12 FallStrong, Adrienne
Boothby, StephanieMA2012-12 FallHeckenberger, MichaelArchaeology, Satellite Imagery, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Llanos De Mojos, Bolivia
Juengling, Stephanie BoothbyPhD2018-12 FallCollings, Peter"I Am Exposed to Not Only the Paranormal, but the Deepest Secrets of Individuals' Lives": An Ethnography of Florida Paranormal Research Teams
Lad, SusanPhD2018-12 FallDaegling, DavidLad, Susan Daegling, David 12/19/2018 Haversian Remodeling in Primate Limb Bones: Effects of Loading Magnitude, Frequency, and Strain Mode
Wayne, Vanessa RachelMA2018-12 FallStepp, J. RickSticks and Stones: the Sociocultural Construction of Interpersonal Social Violence
Abbott, KimberlyMA2015-5 Spring
Abel, Suzanne CoylePhD2004-12 FallFalsetti, AnthonyBiocultural variation of skeletal trauma in contemporary Greeks
Abel, Thomas DudleyPhD2000-12 FallKeegan, WilliamEcosystems, sociocultural systems, and ecological economics for understanding development : the case of ecotourism on the island of Bonaire, N.A.
Akins, John KeithPhD1998-5 Springdu Toit, BrianGod, guns, and guts : religion and violence in Florida militias.
Akins, John KeithMA1995-12 Falldu Toit, BrianThe patriot's militia : an analysis of conflicting presentations
Akwabi-Ameyaw, KofiPhD1988-5 Springdu Toit, BrianGovernment agricultural resettlement policy and the responses of farmers in Zimbabwe
Al-Kuwari, ShaikhaPhD2018-8 Summer
Al-Kuwari, ShaikhaMA2014-12 Fall
Al-Madani, Mohamed EPhD1995-8 SummerHarris, MarvinPrimary health care and the contradictions between enlightenment philosophy and medieval sovereignty : a case study from Jeddah-Saudi Arabia
Albert, Arlene MidoriMA1993-8 SummerMaples, WilliamStages of epiphyseal union of the superior and inferior vertebral centra : methods of age determination for teenage and young adult skeletons and the introduction of an improved method
Allen, KacieMA2012-12 FallSassaman, KennethFire in Their Eyes: Inquiries into Fire in a Burning Man Community
Allen, Mary BarbotPhD2002-12 Falldu Toit, BrianMedical pluralism in operation in a squatter settlement (gecekondu) in Istanbul : tradition, exchange, and agency
Allender, MarkMA1995-12 FallPurdy, BarbaraSixteenth-century European contact sites along the Florida Gulf coast
Allison, Paige (Lado)PhD2005-12 FallBurns, AllanMathematics, Culture, and Questions: A Study in the Culture of the Mathematics Classroom through a Random Questioning Experiment
Altes, ChristopherMA2012-5 Spring
Altes, KristinaPhD2016-5 SpringWarren, MichaelThe Effect of Body Size, Joint Area, and Bone Density on Age-Related Change at the Pubic Symphysis and Auricular Surface
Altman, DanielleMA2006-5 SpringLangwick, StaceyFeminist Activism in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Politics of Postnatal Depression
Ammar, Nawal HamedPhD1988-8 SummerBurns, AllanAn Egyptian Village Growing Up: Silwa, The Governorate of Aswan
Anderson, ElyseMA2009-8 SummerEmery, KittyExploring Maya Ritual Fauna: caves and the proposed link with contemporary hunting ceremonialism
Anderson, JudithPhD2010-8 SummerHarrison, FayeConverging and Diverging Diasporic Identities in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Anderson, Reba LawPhD1982-12 FallEddy, ElizabethSchool and Community: A Profile of Cultural Variation
Anderson, Reba LawMA1970-12 FallKimball, SolonA social anthropological analysis of a research project in the training of parent-educators.
Andreu, ManolaMA1977-5 SpringThe Shuar people of Ecuador and Peru : a case of survival
Anonyuo-Nwaenyi, FeliciaPhD2009-8 SummerHarrison, FayeBeyond the Economic Impetus for Migration: Pre-migration Cognitions, Subjectivities and Occidentalisms in the African Postcolony
Arfi, KhadidjaPhD2014-5 SpringSchmidt, PeterAlgerians Remember: an Oral History French Colonial Encounter in Dellys Town and Villages
Arfi, KhadidjaMA2008-8 SummerMurray, GeraldLanguages of Algerian Diaspora in the United States of America: Comparative Study with Algerian Diaspora in France
Arnold, MarigenePhD1973-5 SpringNunez, Theron A. Jr.Mexican women : the anatomy of a stereotype in a mestizo village
Arriola, LuisPhD2005-8 SummerBurns, AllanAgency at the frontier and the building of territoriality in the Naranjo-Ceibo corridor, Petén, Guatemala
Arthur, John WoodPhD2000-5 SpringBrandt, StevenCeramic ethnoarchaeology among the Gamo of southwestern Ethiopia
Arturo, Ruben JulianPhD1994-5 SpringDoughty, PaulIn purgatory : Mayan immigrants in Indiantown and West Palm Beach, south Florida
Arturo, Ruben JulianMA1987-5 SpringDoughty, PaulThe formation of industrial workers in Bogota, Colombia
Ashley, KeithPhD2003-12 FallMilanich, JeraldInteraction, Population Movement, and Political Economy: The Changing Social Landscape of Northeastern Florida (A.D. 900-1500)
Atkinson, Lesley-GailPhD2019-5 SpringKeegan, WilliamBurens, Cooking Pots and Water Jars: A Comparative Analysis of Jamaican Prehistory
Atwood, Richard JayMA1975-5 SpringThe anthropology of male fertility
Austin, Robert JamesPhD1997-12 FallMilanich, JeraldThe economics of lithic-resource use in South-Central Florida
Austin-Smith, Dana ElizabethPhD1996-12 FallMaples, WilliamEstimating ancestral origin of human skulls with maxillary and mandibular morphometrics
Austin-Smith, Dana ElizabethMA1989-12 FallMaples, WilliamAn analysis of video superimposition : is this a reliable technique for human identification?
Austria, JaneMA2008-8 SummerMurray, GeraldExpanding the Envelope: The Convergence of Indigenous Aeta Organization and an External Issue-Based Community Organizing Model in Tarlac, Philippines
Auten, Anna Elizabeth (Beth)MA2004-12 FallSassaman, KennethUtilization of mast resources by Late Archaic peoples of the Middle Savannah River Valley
Avery, George EPhD1997-8 SummerDeagan, KathleenPots as packaging : the Spanish olive jar and Andalusian transatlantic commercial activity, 16th-18th centuries
Ayvaz, MelissaMA2014-12 FallMarquardt, WilliamExcavations at the Citrus Ridge Component of Coastal Southwest Florida's Pineland Site Complex
Bagby, Douglas IanPhD2007-8 SummerGuillette, ElizabethTransnational Processes, Communication, and Interpersonal Relationships of International Elementary School Students in an English for Speakers of Other Languages Program
Baird, CaitlinPhD2018-5 Spring
Baker, Henry AlexanderMA1969-5 SpringFairbanks, CharlesArchaeological excavations at Panamá la Vieja, 1968
Baker, Patricia KingPhD2008-12 FallLieberman, Leslie
Ball, JacobMA2014-5 SpringStepp, J. RickA Multi-Level Evaluation of a Chagas Disease Intervention in a Mayan Village in Yucatan, Mexico
Barkey, NanettePhD2002-12 FallBernard, H. RussellIntracultural variation in blood pressure in Beira, Mozambique
Barnes, Kathleen CPhD1992-12 FallMurray, GeraldThe role of household pests in the epidemiological transition of allergy : modernization of the domestic environment in Barbados
Barrios, RobertoPhD2004-12 FallBurns, AllanFlying rooftops and matchbox houses: politics of knowledge, performative realities, and the materialization of crisis in the reconstruction of Southern Honduras after Hurricane Mitch
Bass, MaiaMA2012-8 Summer
Batun-Alpuche, Adolfo IvanPhD2009-12 FallGillespie, SusanAgrarian Production and Intensification at a Postclassic Maya Community, Buena Vista, Cozumel, Mexico
Bay, James Alvah JrPhD1997-12 FallLieberman, LeslieTranssexual and transvestite sex workers : sexuality, marginality and HIV risks in Miami
Beidleman, Dona KatharineMA1976-5 SpringFairbanks, CharlesCeramic remains as indicators of socio-economic status in colonial St. Augustine
Bermensolo, KylieMA2013-5 Spring
Bezerra, Maria Enedina LimaPhD2002-5 SpringMargolis, MaxineThe road to spiritism
Biery-Hamilton, Gay MaurenePhD1994-5 SpringSchmink, MarianneEconomic strategies and changing environmental systems in a Brazilian Amazon community
Biery-Hamilton, Gay MaureneMA1987-12 FallLawless, Robert DCoping with change : the impact of the Tucuruí dam on an Amazonian community
Biglow, BradPhD2001-8 SummerMoore, JohnEthno-nationalist politics and cultural preservation : education and bordered identities among the Wixaritari (Huichol) of Tateikita, Jalisco, Mexico
Binford, ElizabethMA2007-12 FallStepp, J. RickDynamics of land use among Maya of southern Belize
Blakney-Bailey, Jane AnnePhD2007-12 FallMilanich, JeraldAnalysis of Historic Creek and Seminole Settlement Patterns, Town Design, and Architecture: The Paynes Town Seminole Site (8AL366), a Case Study
Blanchette, RolandMA1979-12 FallBurns, AllanHigh rise society and neighborhood change
Blumenthal, HollyMA1999-5 Springdu Toit, BrianIn search of the sacred
Bolanos, OmairaPhD2008-12 FallOliver-Smith, AnthonyConstructing indigenous ethnicities and claiming land rights in the lower Tapajós and Arapiuns region, Brazilian Amazon
Bonilla, Zobeida VegaPhD1998-8 SummerBurns, AllanWork, illness, and healing among women workers in nontraditional agriculture in the San Felipe Valley, Dominican Republic
Borel, Joan StickneyMA1997-12 FallMoore, JohnCoevolution of landscape and culture : the vegetation of Indian shell mounds in Florida's Ten Thousand Islands
Borios, StephaniePhD2014-8 SummerOyuela-Caycedo, AugustoChildren's Social Learning of Plants in the Peruvian Andes
Borremans, Nina ThanzMA1985-12 FallRice, PrudenceArchaeology of the devil's walkingstick site : a diachronic perspective of aboriginal life on a tidal river in Southeast Georgia
Boyd, Elizabeth PettyMA2003-12 FallMilbrath, SusanSmall voices : a study of the pre-Columbian children of Latin America
Boyer, Willet A IIIPhD2010-8 SummerMarquardt, WilliamThe Acuera of the Ocklawaha River Valley: Keepers of Time in the Land of the Waters
Boyer, Willet A IIIMA2005-12 FallMilanich, JeraldNuestra Senora del Rosario de La Punta lifeways of an eighteenth-century colonial Spanish refugee mission community, St. Augustine, Florida
Boynton, Sylvia S.PhD1982-8 SummerHardman, MarthaMikasuki grammar in outline
Boynton, Sylvia S.MA1974-12 FallHardman, MarthaA contrastive analysis of Spanish and Aymara phonology : Spanish as a goal language
Braje, ToddMA2003-8 SummerSassaman, KennethNeighboring Communities of Practice: A Case Study of Classic Stallings Pottery
Brana Shute, GaryPhD1974-12 FallMoore, G. AlexanderStreetcorner winkels and dispersed households : male adaptation to marginality in a lower class creole neighborhood in Paramaribo.
Brech, AlanMA2004-5 SpringSassaman, KennethNeither Ocean nor Continent: Correlating the Archaeology and Geomorphology of the Barrier Islands of East Central Florida
Brezjanovic-Shogren, JelenaPhD2019-5 SpringStepp, J. RickReturn Migration: the Intra-Cultural Variation of Attitudes of Return Migrants and the Process of Reintegration to Serbia
Bridgman Sweeney, KaraPhD2013-8 SummerSassaman, KennethA Complex Web of History and Artifact Types in the Early Archaic Southeast
Briggs, Lucy TherinaPhD1976-5 SpringHardman, MarthaDialectal variation in the Aymara language of Bolivia and Peru
Bright, KiristenMA2010-5 SpringOyuela-Caycedo, AugustoSambaqui : changes in monumental architecture along the Brazilian coast in response to disruptions in climate patterns
Brock, AmandaMA2019-5 SpringOyuela-Cacedo, Augusto
Brodrecht, AnnaPhD2012-12 FallBurns, AllanDevelopment Programs as Cultural Encounters: Locating Culture in Three Development Programs in Yucatan, Mexico
Brown, Burton J (BJ)PhD2010-5 SpringGuillette, ElizabethThe Utility and Efficacy of Human Materialism As an Anthropological Research Strategy for the Analysis of Sociocultural, Economic, and Political History
Brown, CarriePhD2016-5 SpringWarren, MichaelMaxillary Sutures as an Indicator of Adult Age at Death: Reducing Error and Codifying Approaches
Bryan, Gloria BrooksPhD1992-12 FallDougherty, MollyThe well-being of an urban African-American community
Bugarin, FlordelizPhD2002-8 SummerSchmidt, PeterTrade and interaction on the Eastern Cape frontier : an historical archaeological study of the Xhosa and the British during the early nineteenth century
Burkhalter, Steve BrianMA1975-5 SpringVila do Xingú, an Amazon community : an integrated look at ecology, economics, and technology
Burkley, BenjaminMA2004-8 SummerMulligan, ConnieMolecular evolution of ASPM exon 18 indel locus in primates
Burns, Karen Ramey SnedakerPhD1987-12 FallMaples, WilliamThe effects of drying and burning on human bones and teeth
Burns, Karen Ramey SnedakerMA1974-5 SpringMaples, WilliamDetermination of an individual's age from serial section of teeth
Butler, John R.PhD1985-8 SummerWagley, CharlesLand, gold, and farmers : agricultural colonization and frontier expansion in the Brazilian Amazon
Butler, John R.MA1981-8 SummerHogen Esch, Thieo ESubsistence food production among low resource farmers in Alachua County, Florida
Byrd, Kathleen MaryPhD1976-8 SummerWing, ElizabethChanging animal utilization patterns and their implications : southwest Ecuador (6500 B.C.-A.D. 1400)
Byrne, Bryan ThomasPhD1996-12 FallHarris, MarvinThe evolution of water property regimes in north-central Gran Canaria
Byron, ElizabethPhD2003-12 FallOliver-Smith, AnthonyMarket integration and health : the impact of markets and acculturation on the self-perceived morbidity, diet, and nutritional status of the Tsimane' Amerindians of lowland Bolivia
Byron, ElizabethMA1999-5 SpringOliver-Smith, AnthonyIntra-household and community-level impacts of participation in a women's income-generating project : Manabí, Ecuador
Byun, JunaPhD1994-5 SpringLieberman, LeslieHwa-Byung (anger illness), the psychosocial-neuroimmunological impact of the 1992 Los Angeles riots on Korean-American victims
Cabanilla, RhondaMA1999-12 FallAnton, SusanEvidence for diet and climate in Archaic Florida : analyses of the Tick Island human and faunal skeletal samples
Campbell, Constance EPhD1996-12 FallSchmink, MarianneForest, field and factory : changing livelihood strategies in two extractive reserves in the Brazilian Amazon
Cargill-Mazer, KathleenMA1978-5 SpringVon Mering, OttoA rural health clinic in transition
Carlson, Lisabeth Anne (Betsy)PhD1999-12 FallKeegan, WilliamAftermath of a feast : human colonization of the Southern Bahamian Archipelago and its effects on the indigenous fauna
Carlson, Lisabeth Anne (Betsy)MA1993-12 FallKeegan, WilliamStrings of command : manufacture and utilization of shell beads among the Taino Indians of the West Indies
Carrington, JunePhD2015-12 FallGravlee, ClarenceCultural Knowledge of Breast Cancer and Health Care in Puerto Rico
Carter, Brinnen StilePhD2003-5 SpringMilanich, JeraldPage/Ladson (8Je591) : excavation of an early holocene occupation site in the Aucilla River, Florida
Carter, TamarPhD2015-5 SpringMulligan, ConnieMalaria Parasite and Human Host Resistance Mutations in Haiti: Implications for Public Health Policy and Practice
Cartledge, Daniel MarkPhD1995-8 SummerHansen, ArtTaming the Mountain: Human Ecology, Indigenous Knowledge and Sustainable Resource Management in the Doko Gamo Society of Ethiopia
Casler, Jessica JeanMA2012-5 Spring
Casler, Jessica-JeanPhD2016-5 SpringGravlee, ClarenceShort-Term Medical Missions in Urban Nicaragua: An Ethnography of Patient Use and Social Network Analysis of Health Care System Integration
Catey, Andrew ScottPhD2011-8 SummerHarrison, FayeThe Constitution of Subjects in the Long Revolution: Race, the Police Power, and the Everyday Shaping of the Ensemble State
Certain, Leonard LoweMA1991-12 FallMarquardt, WilliamArchaeology, wilderness, and preservation : a green and red critique of federal cultural resources management
Cervone, SarahPhD2010-12 FallOliver-Smith, AnthonyBeneath the Peak: Tourism Development and the Global Economy in a Moroccan Mountain Community
Chang, Shao-YunMA2017-12 Fall
Chapman, Samuel JohnMA1996-8 SummerMilanich, JeraldArchaeological testing of the Indian Pond site, Columbia County, Florida
Chari, SangitaMA2005-8 SummerMcClaurin, IrmaOne Together and One Apart: Interracial Marriages between Indo-Trinidadian Women and Afro-Trinidadian Men
Chicchon, Avecita DelPhD1992-5 SpringSchmink, MarianneChimane resource use and market involvement in the Beni Biosphere Reserve, Bolivia
Ciccotosto, NickPhD1991-12 FallWolfe, LindaSound symbolism in natural languages
Clark, Merald RobinMA1995-8 SummerMarquardt, WilliamFaces and figureheads : the masks of prehistoric South Florida
Clausen, Carl JonMA1964-5 SpringThe A-356 site and the Florida archaic
Clauser, John W.MA1978-8 SummerFairbanks, CharlesThe excavation of the Bethabara pottery kiln : an analysis of nineteenth century potting techniques
Clement, Christopher OhmPhD1995-5 SpringSchmidt, PeterLandscapes and plantations on Tobago : a regional perspective
Cole, Ethan MMA2006-5 SpringMilbrath, SusanA Picture's Worth: Interpreting Moche Culture in the "Weaving Scene"
Collins, Jane LouPhD1981-12 FallWagley, CharlesKinship and seasonal migration among the Aymara of Southern Peru: human adaptation to energy scarcity
Concha-Holmes, AmandaPhD2010-8 SummerHarrison, FayeWho is Nature?: Yoruba Religion and Ecology in Cuba
Connaughton, SeanMA2004-5 SpringSassaman, KennethOnset of pottery in the subsistence economy of prehistoric hunter-gatherers of the St. Johns River Valley
Cordell, Ann SnowdenMA1983-12 FallRice, PrudenceCeramic technology at a Weeden Island period archaeological site in North Florida
Costa, DiogoPhD2010-12 FallDavidson, JamesWater and War at Pyreneus Mountains: Historical Eco-Archaeology of a Goldmine Village in the End of Nineteenth Century, Mid-Western Brazil
Council, Robert BruceMA1975-5 SpringArchaeology of the convento De San Francisco
Cox, AmyPhD2010-5 SpringThurner, MarkFraming Machu Picchu: Science, Photography and the Making of Heritage
Cox, AmyMA2003-8 SummerBurns, AllanPolitics of Conservation and Consumption: The Vicuna Trade in Peru
Coxen, KyleMA2014-5 Spring
Cozatt, Gary MarkMA1982-8 SummerDoughty, PaulAn Analysis of Informational and Social Systems in a Bureaucracy: Spring Lake State Hospital
Crandall, JamesPhD2018-8 Summer
Crawford, Robert Guy HodgesMA1966-5 SpringAn archeological survey of Lenoir County, North Carolina
Craythorne, JenniferPhD2006-12 FallMargolis, MaxineAssimilating to Black America: How the Identity Choices of Haitian Immigrant and Haitian-American Students are Impacted by Racial and Economic Segregation
Crisman, Ulrike AnniMA2007-8 SummerSassaman, KennethA Tale of Two Stages: The Shift from Worldly Power to Mythical Origin in Classic Maya Rulers at Tikal
Cronkleton, PeterPhD1998-5 SpringSchmink, MarianneLandownership turnover and family farm survival in an Amazon resettlement project
Crook, Morgan Ray, Jr.PhD1978-12 FallMilanich, JeraldMississippian period community organizations on the Georgia Coast
Cuadra, CatrinaMA2019-5 SpringCobb, Charles R
Cui, Zhongzhou (Zach)PhD2015-8 SummerShih, Chuan-KangEthnicity, Religion, and the State: Intermarriage between the Han and Muslim Hui in Eastern China
Cumbaa, Stephen L.PhD1975-8 SummerFairbanks, CharlesPatterns of resource use and cross-cultural dietary change in the Spanish colonial period
Cumbaa, Stephen L.MA1972-8 SummerFairbanks, CharlesAn intensive harvest economy in North Central Florida
Curtis, MatthewPhD2005-12 FallSchmidt, PeterArchaeological Investigations in the Greater Asmara Area: A Regional Approach in the Central Highlands of Eritrea
Cusick, James GregoryPhD1993-12 FallDeagan, KathleenEthnic groups and class in an emerging market economy : Spaniards and Minorcans in late colonial St. Augustine
Cusick, James GregoryMA1989-5 SpringDeagan, KathleenChange in pottery as a reflection of social change : a study of Taino pottery before and after contact at the site of En Bas Saline, Haiti
D'Errico Rodney, NicolePhD2013-8 Summer
Damen, LouiseMA1974-5 SpringBlack English : anthropological and linguistic considerations in the training of teachers in Black dialect patterns
Daugaard-Hansen, FlemmingPhD2009-8 SummerBurns, Allan'Coming Home': the Return and Reintegration of Belizean Returnees from the United States to Belize, Central America
Davidheiser, Mark FrederickPhD2004-8 SummerHansen, ArtThe role of culture in conflict mediation: Toubabs and Gambians cannot be the same
Dawayangzong, Fnu (Serena)MA2014-5 Spring
de Chazelles, Karen KirnerMA2010-5 SpringSpring, AnitaAgricultural Variation and Change among Batoro and Bakiga Farmers around Kibale National Park in Southwest Uganda
De La Pena, AntonioPhD2008-8 SummerOliver-Smith, AnthonyEvaluating the World Bank's Concept of Social Capital: A Case Study in the Politics of Participation and Organization in a Rural Ecuadorian Community
De Leon, Jessica MariaPhD2000-12 FallSafa, HelenHousehold composition, acculturation and diet among low-income Puerto Ricans in Hartford, Connecticut
De Leon, Jessica MariaMA1992-8 SummerLieberman, LeslieStable isotope analysis and paleodiet at the Bay West Site, Collier County, Florida
De Vries, GregoryMA2000-8 SummerOliver-Smith, AnthonyPost-hurricane reconstruction in La Moskitia, Honduras
Deagan, KathleenPhD1974-5 SpringFairbanks, CharlesSex, Status and role in the Mestizaje of Spanish colonial Florida
deFrance, Susan DaggettPhD1993-12 FallWing, ElizabethEcological Imperialism in the South Central Andes: Faunal Data from Spanish Colonial Settlements in the Moquegua and Torata Valleys
Del Vecchio, A. IsadoraMA2009-8 SummerSpring, AnitaFey Yo: Reflections of Experiences of Health and Healthcare with Haitians in East Flatbush
Delancy, KellyMA2015-12 FallKeegan, WilliamHistory to Heritage: A Heritage Assessment of Tarpum Bay Eleuthera, The Bahamas
Dellino, Domenick J.PhD1995-8 SummerBernard, H. RussellSurvival strategies for a rapidly changing mixed economy : the resilience of Managua's informal sector.
Dellino, Domenick J.MA1984-12 FallBernard, H. RussellThe impact of tourism on the quality of life on Exuma, Bahamas
Denkler, John LandonMA2009-12 FallBaber, WillieCommunity Based Natural Resource Management: Power, Isolation, and Development in Rural Botswana
Denmark, MelissaMA2002-5 SpringMoore, JohnThe evolution of direct-entry midwifery in Florida, 1975-1999
Dennison, JeanPhD2008-5 SpringSchmidt, PeterConstituting an Osage Nation: Histories, Citizenships, and Sovereignties
Des Jean, Thomas PaulMA1986-5 SpringRice, PrudenceA technological study of vessel form and function, Little Egypt Site, Georgia
Despard, Janet FaithMA1976-5 SpringVon Mering, OttoA consortium approach to encouraging mental health evaluation
DeWet, DorotheaPhD1998-5 Springdu Toit, BrianDoepa after dark : protective medicines for infants in Soweto, South Africa
Dimmer, CarolineMA2013-8 Summer
Dominguez, MiriamPhD2017-12 Fall
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