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Amaya Burns Award

Funding Information

This award honors the memory and goals of social justice of Miguel Angel Amaya, a medical student who perished during the Civil War in El Salvador. Miguel Angel Amaya was the brother of Professor Dr. Alba Amaya Burns.

  • Eligibility: Graduate Anthropology student support for research in Latin America on topics of medical anthropology, human rights or applied anthropology. The award can be used for MA or Ph.D. research or pre-dissertation travel. The awards are for reimbursable expenses only. Previous recipients of the Amaya Burns Award are not eligible for a second award.
  • Contact: Department Chair, 1112 Turlington Hall
  • Award: Up to 2 awards annually, awarded in the spring.
  • Deadline: Award deadlines will be made available through the Department annually.

Applicants for the award should submit:

  • Application cover sheet
  • A two-page description of their research
  • A budget justification for the funds
  • A 150-word summary for donors telling what research will be conducted, where, and the relevance/importance of the research
  • A letter of support from their supervisory committee chair attesting to the relevance of the research towards a thesis or dissertation

Past Recipients

Click here for the past recipients
  • Macarena Moraga, 2018
  • Iliana Villegas, 2017
  • Christina Callicott, 2015
  • Jaclyn McWhorter, 2014
  • Corey Souza, 2012
  • Marlon Carranza, 2011
  • June Carrington, 2010
  • Camille Feanny, 2009
  • Brian Tyler, 2008
  • Timothy Podkul, 2008