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Elizabeth Eddy Dissertation Write-Up Fellowship

Funding Information

Award made possible by a generous endowment established by Dr. Elizabeth Eddy.

  • Eligibility: Students applying for this award should work towards graduating in the term received or the following semester as the fellowship is intended to provide dedicated dissertation writing time.
  • Contact: Department Chair, 1112 Turlington Hall
  • Award: A fellowship for either Spring or Summer 2019; $7,000 paid bi-weekly via the term awarded, plus the appropriate tuition waiver for full-time registration in that term and health insurance.

Eddy Liz ca 1950

Past Recipients

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  • Katie Rubin, Spring 2019
  • Dalila D’Ingeo, Spring 2018
  • Paul Morse, Spring 2018
  • Felipe Infante, Spring 2017
  • Carola Salazar, Spring 2017
  • Joseph Feldman, Spring 2015
  • Meredith Marten, Summer 2014
  • Rafael Mendoza-Lozano, Spring 2013
  • Joost Morsink, Spring 2012
  • Ed Gonzalez-Tennant, Spring 2011
  • Timothy Podkul, Spring 2011
  • Sarah Cervone, Spring 2010
  • Ava Lasseter, Spring 2010