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Elizabeth Eddy Doctoral Completion Award

Funding Information

Award made possible by a generous endowment established by Dr. Elizabeth Eddy.

  • Eligibility: If awarded, you must graduate or meet the terms for clearing prior in the Spring as you and your supervisory committee chair have guaranteed in your application package.
  • Contact: Department Chair, 1112 Turlington Hall
  • Award: An award paid via the Bursar’s Office in two lump sums in the term awarded, one after drop/add and one after you make first submission; $5,000 plus the funds to cover 3 credits of tuition in the Spring.  As an award, this does not cover health insurance.

Eddy Liz ca 1950

Past Recipients

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  • Lesley-Gail Atkinson, Fall 2018
  • Myrian Barboza, Fall 2018
  • Ben Burgen, Fall 2018
  • Marlon Carranza (partial), Fall 2018
  • Jorge Garcia, Fall 2018
  • Susan Lad, Fall 2018
  • David Markus (partial), Fall 2018
  • Justin Quinn, Fall 2018