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The William R. Maples Scholarship

Funding Information

The Maples Endowment Fund was established in February of 1997 with the University of Florida Foundation. The endowment is funded by generous private donations and all proceeds go towards the Maples Scholarship. The goal of the endowment is to provide a scholarship for graduate students at the University of Florida wishing to study forensic anthropology.

Dr. William R. Maples devoted his time, energy, heart, and spirit to his students and the scholarship fund is a wonderful tribute to his memory and his many years of hard work in teaching and mentoring future forensic anthropologists.

  • Eligibility: Funds are available for Anthropology graduate students conducting pre-dissertation or dissertation research in forensic anthropology. Excellence in research design and potential for significant contribution to the field of forensic anthropology are essential criteria for a successful application. The awards are for reimbursable expenses only. Previous recipients of a Maples Award are not eligible.
  • Contact: Department Chair, 1112 Turlington Hall
  • Award: At the committee’s discretion, awards will not be made if no applications meet the criteria.
  • Deadline: Award deadlines will be made available through the Department annually.

Applicants for the award should submit:

  • Application cover sheet
  • A two-page maximum double-spaced narrative consisting of:
    • a background statement
    • proposed research
    • budget (maximum $2000)
    • name of the graduate supervisory committee chair
  • A copy of current UF graduate transcript (unofficial transcript is sufficient)
  • A 150-word summary for donors telling what research will be conducted, where, and the relevance/importance of the research
  • A letter of support from their supervisory committee chair attesting to the relevance of the research towards a thesis or dissertation

Contributions to the Fund

If you would like to contribute to the William R. Maples Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund, make checks payable to University of Florida Foundation Maples Scholarship, please reference “Fund 6275” in the Memo space and mail to:

University of Florida Foundation, Fund 6275
P.O. Box 14425
Gainesville, FL 32604-2425

All contributions are tax deductible.

For more information about the Maples Memorial Scholarship, you may contact the Department of Anthropology.

Past Recipients

Click here for the past recipients
  • Janet Finlayson, 2018
  • Michala Stock, 2017
  • Katie Rubin, 2016
  • Allysha Winburn, 2015
  • Ellen Lofaro, 2015
  • Kate Kolpan, 2015
  • Kristina Altes, 2014
  • Abiyot Seifu, 2013
  • Carrie Brown, 2013
  • Traci Van Deest, 2012
  • Katie Skorpinski, 2012
  • Nicollette Parr, 2010
  • Carlos J. Zambrano, 2008
  • Laurel E. Freas, 2009
  • Shanna Williams, 2007
  • Erin Waxenbaum, 2007
  • Laura Regan, 2006
  • Joe Hefner, 2006
  • John Schultz, 2002
  • Suzanne Abel, 2002
  • Heather Walsh-Haney, 1999
  • Phoebe Stubblefield, 1999
  • Kendra Smith, 1999
  • Shuala Martin, 1999