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FASA is a graduate student group organized by the Department of Anthropology. FASA is aimed at involving students and faculty in social and fundraising events throughout the school year.¬†FASA coordinates a variety of events for the Department of Anthropology, including annual socials like Potlatch and Armadillo Roast, as well as weekly events like Colloquia presentations.¬†Visit our website and explore what’s coming up.

Although FASA is targeted at graduate student participation, uFASA is for every undergraduate student in the anthropology department, so don’t hesitate to get involved.


Annual Events

Fall Feast: The fall potluck and meet-&-greet; a fundraiser for graduate student travel grants.
Armadillo Roast: The spring cookout involving exotic meat; a fundraiser for the Fairbanks archaeological scholarship.

Photo Contest: In keeping with the Anthropology Department’s strong tradition in visual anthropology, FASA hosts an annual photo contest to celebrate our graduate students’ diverse fieldwork. Winning photos are currently on display in the basement of Turlington.