The Charles H. Fairbanks Armadillo Roast

The Armadillo Roast (#armadilloroast) is the spring social event for the UF Anthropology Department. It originated from a field school party at Fort Center in 1966. The roast became an official annual function in 1972. It is also a fund-raising event for the Charles H. Fairbanks Scholarship, which is awarded to graduate students in archaeology. Read more about Charles H. Fairbanks.

Where and when is it?
The 45th Annual Armadillo Roast will be held on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016. More information can be found on this year’s event website.

What does it cost?

This is a fundraiser, so we will be accepting donations at the door. The suggested donation is $10 per person (kids eat for free).

Do we eat armadillo?

Well, maybe. As always, there is a mystery meat competition. A small entry fee, $2, is required to sample the mystery meat. A prize is awarded for the person who guesses the meat correctly. Previous year’s meat has included yak, armadillo, ostrich, and so on!

What’s this about a pie contest?

Every year there is a pie contest. As this is an archaeology fundraiser, entries are categorized in ceramic themes:

  • Tempered: a pie with an added ingredient, e.g. apples or pecans
  • Untempered: a pie with only creme or puree
  • Decorated: A notable example was a piecrust molded to look like Dr. Fairbanks!

Are there any other games to play?

Why yes, there are horseshoes. For those that haven’t played before, horseshoes is a tough competition at the Armadillo Roast. Teams of two are formed, and compete against each other. Attendees will also have the chance to try their hand at spear throwing.

What should I bring?

We ask that people bring a side dish. There is also a $10 suggested donation per person (kids eat for free) to cover beverages and grilling goods. Remember, all money goes towards the Charles H. Fairbanks Scholarship Fund.

Is there anyway that I can remember this event forever?

Of course, there will be T-shirts available for $10 apiece. See the Design Gallery below.

History of Designs



Past Hosts

1st 1972

2nd 1973

3rd 1974 Steve Cumbaa and Nick Honerkamp

4th 1975 Tim Kohler

5th 1976 Jill Loucks

6th 1977 Theresa Singleton

7th 1978 Bob Johnson

8th 1979 Alan McMichael

9th 1980 John Bostwick

10th 1981 Jennifer Hamilton and Barry Hart

11th 1982 Tom DesJean and Tom Eubanks

12th 1983 Patricia Kelly and Marvin Smith

13th 1984 Eloise Gadus and Ken Johnson

14th 1985 Charles Ewen and Karen Jo Walker

15th 1986 Nina Borremans and Ed Chaney

16th 1987 Bonnie McEwen and Mike Russo

17th 1988 Jim Cusick and Susan deFrance

18th 1989 Bill Johnson and Claudine Payne

19th 1990 Marc Frank and Ashley Swift

20th 1991 George Avery and Paul Jones

21st 1992 Ricardo Fernandez-Sardina and Ruth Trocolli

22nd 1993 Brinnen Carter and Mary Herron

23rd 1994 Robert Patton and Robin Shtulman

24th 1995 Flordeliz Bugarin and Matt Curtis

25th 1996 Deborah Pober

26th 1997 Diane Kloetzer and Jonathan Walz

27th 1998 Donna Nash

28th 1999 Birgitta Kimura and Gifford Waters

29th 2000 Rebecca Kiracofe and Al Woods

30th 2001 Patrick O’Day, Sharyn Jones O’Day, Tanya Peres, and Pete Sinelli

31th 2002 Jane Anne Blakney-Bailey, Rebecca Klein, and Dawn Ramsey

32nd 2003 Meggan Blessing, Sean Connaughton, and Scott Hussey

33rd 2004 Scott Palumbo, Jamie Waggoner, and Neill Wallis

34rd 2005 Michelle LeFebvre, Erika Roberts, and Bryan Tucker

35th 2006 Ethan Cole, Renzo Duin, and Ingrid Newquist

36th 2007 Edward Tennant, Rocio de la Fuente, Mike Kay

37th 2008 Rebecca Gorman and Karen McIlvoy

38th 2009 Jeremy Pye, Randy Crones, Ryan Van Dyke, Zack Gilmore

39th 2010 Chris Altes, Rachel Black, Kristen Bright, Jason O’Donoughue, and Jason Wenzel

40th 2011 Ellen Lofaro, Andrea Palmiotto, Ashley Sharpe, Lucas Martindale Johnson, Rachel Ianneli, Paulette McFadden, and Jeffrey Vadala

41st 2012 James Crandall, Stephanie Boothby, Michael Wylde, Justin Dunnevant, Kacie Allen, Melissa Ayvaz, Michelle Eusebio

42nd 2013 Kylie Bermensolo, Petra Cunningham-Smith, Miriam Dominguez, Lisa Duffy, Amanda Groff, Scott Macrae, David Markus, and Yeneneh Terefe


44th Mallory Messersmith and Sydney Roberson

45th Liz Ibarrola and Kevin McDaniel