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Graduate students having fun at the 2012 Potlatch.
Potlatch 2012.


As anthropologists know, every community has its rituals and customs. Among our Department’s is the annual fund-raising and schmoozing ritual: The Potlatch. Every fall, we have a team of Anthropology graduate students organize this unforgettable event, and we hope that we can count on your donations, participation and enthusiasm, this and every year. With its relaxed ambiance and great food and music, the Potlatch is a wonderful opportunity to intermingle with your students and colleagues. Students, this might be the chance you were looking for to convince a faculty member to be on your committee…or make fun of them in the annual Potlatch skit. But most importantly, this event helps raise funds for students, especially for travel and conferences.

The Potlatch also features a humorous skit that is written and produced by students or faculty, alternating each year.


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