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Hanchao Zhao

Hanchao Zhao

Published: Nov 24th, 2016

Graduate Student Mailbox: Turlington Hall Rm 1112, PO Box 117305, Gainesville, FL 32611-7305 Email: Education Ph.D., M.A., Anthropology, University of Florida (in progress) B.A., Magma Cum Laude, History, University of Florida Subfield… Read More

Dr. John Krigbaum

John Krigbaum, Ph.D.

Published: Sep 29th, 2013

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator Office: Turlington Hall, Room 1350A Phone: (352) 294-7540 Email: Google Scholar Education Ph.D. M.A. B.A. Research Interests Paleoanthropology, Bioarchaeology, Human Osteology, Paleopathology, Paleodiet Reconstruction,… Read More