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Course Archives: Summer 2014

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Graduate Courses

Course Section Semester Instructor Course (click title for syllabus)
ANG 5085 407F
B Cartwright,Elizabeth
Crowder,Jerome W P
Visual Data Analysis
ANG 5420 02EE
A Johnson,Jeffrey C
Social Network Analysis
ANG 5488 02D5
A Brondizio,Eduardo S
Van Holt,Tracy
Geospatial Cultural Anthropology
ANG 5494 02FF
A Gravlee, Clarence C, IV
Wutich, Amber E
Text Analysis
ANG 6930 02E4
A Hames,Raymond
Behavior Observation

Undergraduate Courses

Course Section Semester Instructor Course (click title for syllabus)
ANT 2000 4104 B Burgen, Benjamin R General Anthropology (draft)
General Anthropology (flyer)
ANT 2140 5181
B Sharpe, Ashley E Intro to World Archaeology
ANT 2301 4106 B Victoria, Aaron G Human Sexuality and Culture (draft)
ANT 2402 02HH A Marks, Jamie Lee Anthropology of Sustainability (draft)
Anthropology of Sustainability flyer (draft)
ANT 2410 4107 B Feldman, Joseph P Cultural Anthropology – Summer 2014
ANT 3141 01E8
A Heckenberger, Michael Joseph Development of World Civilizations
ANT 3478 02H1 A Crosby, Joshua Global Health Culture
ANT 3514C 1277 A Pampush, James D Intro to Biological Anthropology (draft)
ANT 3520 0260
A Brown, Carrie A Skeleton Keys
ANT 3520 4C54 B Kolpan, Katherine E Skeleton Keys
ANT 3620 0099 A Laguer Diaz, Carmen Language and Culture
and Culture
ANT 3930 0110 A Wright, Robin Religion and Healing
3938 Lecture Schedule
ANT 4180L 01A9
A Davidson, James M Lab Training in Archaeology
ANT 4180L 4D73
B Sassaman, Kenneth Edward, Jr Lab Training in Archaeology
ANT 4930 01BF A Grafft-Weiss,Amber J Field Sessions in Archaeology
ANT 4930 4D79 B Donop, Mark Calvin Field Sessions in Archaeology

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