Core Faculty

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Gillespie, Susan D.
Tucker, Catherine MayProfessor, Anthropology
Professor, Latin American Studies
Shih, Chuan-KangAssociate Professor, AnthropologyCultural
Sassaman, Kenneth E.Hyatt and Cici Brown Professor of Florida Archaeology,
Stepp, John RichardAssociate Professor, Anthropology

Associate Professor, Latin American Studies
Kernaghan, RichardAssociate Professor, AnthropologyCultural
Collings, PeteAssociate Professor, Anthropology

Associate Department Chair, Anthropology
Oyuela-Caycedo, AugustoAssociate Professor,
Østebø, MaritAssistant Professor, AnthropologyCultural
Mulligan, ConnieProfessor, AnthropologyBiological
McCarty, ChristopherProfessor, Anthropology

Department Chair, Anthropology

Director, Bureau of Economic and Business Research
Kugelmass, JackProfessor, Anthropology

Melton Legislative Professor

Director, Center for Jewish Studies
Krigbaum, JohnAssociate Professor, Anthropology

Undergraduate Coordinator, Anthropology
Bardosh, KevinResearch Assistant Professor, Anthropology

Research Assistant Professor, Emerging Pathogens
Johnson, JeffProfessor, AnthropologyCultural
Associate Professor,
DeLeon, Valerie BurkeAssociate Professor, Anthropology

Director, CAPHIL
deFrance, SusanProfessor,
Daegling, DavidProfessor, AnthropologyBiological
Davidson, JamesAssociate Professor, Anthropology

Graduate Coordinator, Anthropology
Chalfin, BrendaProfessor, AnthropologyCultural
Gravlee, Clarence C.Associate Professor, AnthropologyCultural
Broadwell, George AaronElling Eide Professor, AnthropologyLinguistic
Brandt, Steven A.Associate Professor,
Kane, AbdoulayeAssociate Professor, Anthropology

Associate Professor, African Studies
Paulson, SusanProfessor, Anthropology and Center for Latin American Studies

Associate Director, Center for Latin American Studies
Bogart, StephanieLecturer
Grillo, KateAssistant Professor
Strong, AdrienneAssistant Professor
Stubblefield, PhoebeResearch Assistant Scientist, CAPHIL

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