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UF’s graduate program in Anthropology is a mentoring program emphasizing the Ph.D. degree. Each student is mentored by their faculty advisor(s), working closely with a supervisory committee chosen by the student. Graduate students are expected to be in residence to attend classes and seminars and receive individualized training. Distance-education graduate degrees are not offered. Students formally report on their progress each year, and the progress of each graduate student is evaluated by the faculty in their primary field.

Students are admitted to the graduate program based on their intellectual match with faculty interests and are encouraged to develop their own research initiatives rather than follow a standard curriculum. Applicants should state their proposed subfield (archaeology, cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, or bio-archaeology), area of research, and research topics for advanced study, and identify potential faculty mentors. Upon admission, it is the student’s responsibility, in consultation with their supervisory committee, to select an appropriate program of study.

Students receiving graduate degrees are well-prepared intellectually and professionally for success in a wide variety of careers and become leaders in developing the next generation of anthropology. The department offers teaching experience and resources for presenting conference papers, submitting grant proposals, conducting fieldwork, and other activities that provide for students’ professionalization. Graduate students are welcome to contribute to discussions in departmental meetings and serve on some departmental committees.


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