Department History

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The University of Florida Department of Anthropology has a rich history across the four fields. Our department has been home to many highly esteemed anthropologists including Charles H. Fairbanks, William R. Maples, Elizabeth Eddy, and John M. Goggin. UF Anthropology and its faculty have gained national attention and high regard for conscientiously maintaining a holistic approach that is fostered by making connections across methodological and disciplinary borders. Alumni of the program have left an impact on anthropology through their involvement in education, research, and civic engagement.

UF Anthropology holds the distinction of being the only department with two Malinowski Award recipients, Dr. Doughty and Dr. Oliver-Smith. View additional news on publications, awards, appointments and honors granted to our faculty and students.

UF Malinowski Winner

Important Figures

Charles H. Fairbanks, chair of the Department when it initiated its MA and PhD programs

William R. Maples, the father of UF’s forensic anthropology program

Elizabeth Eddy, chair of the Department who encouraged the discipline of applied anthropology

John M. Goggin, first head of Anthropology Department, 1916-63

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