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Choosing a Track

Each graduate student should specify a major field of study among the four fields of anthropology (Cultural, Biological, Linguistic, Archaeology). In addition, each must choose one of three tracks:

  1. Specialized track focusing on one subfield of anthropology
  2. Multifield track combining two subfields
  3. Interdisciplinary track adding study in a second discipline

Multifield Track

Students on the multifield track formally identify a second field within anthropology, combining the two (e.g., biological and archaeological anthropology as bioarchaeology, biological and cultural anthropology as biocultural anthropology, archaeological and cultural anthropology as ethnoarchaeology). At least one faculty member from each subfield must sit on the student’s supervisory committee, and appropriate coursework in both subfields will be monitored by the supervisory committee.

Interdisciplinary Track

Students on the interdisciplinary track formally select a discipline or program outside the Anthropology Department. A faculty member from the interdisciplinary department or program must sit on the student’s supervisory committee. Students must take at least 9 interdisciplinary credits for the MA degree and at least 18 interdisciplinary credits for the PhD. Courses in other departments taught by anthropologists do not count as interdisciplinary credit.

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