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ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology

Dr. Schwartz


What is culture, and why is it important? If you’re curious about culture, this course is for you! We cover how anthropologists have defined culture and how the anthropological culture concept has been influential in the military, corporations, and politics. We explore anthropological discoveries about kinship, gender, and sexuality; compare political and economic systems based on subsistence, reciprocity, and money; and ponder variation in religious beliefs and ritual practices associated with magic, witchcraft, and millennial movements. In lieu of a final exam, students have the opportunity to participate in an epic finale, a mock congress dedicated to debating and voting on a bill legalizing the “cultural defense.” Through this course, students will learn why studying culture is crucial to understanding our increasingly connected planet, and why an anthropological perspective is essential to resolving the major crises that confront humanity today.