Dr. Lance Gravlee a featured panelist on Toward Antiracism: Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Healing Racial Trauma

Toward Antiracism: Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Healing Racial Trauma  Dean David Richardson of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences hosted a panel discussion titled, “Toward Antiracism: Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Healing Racial Trauma,” on November 12 at 6:30 p.m. Dr. Lance Gravlee joined two distinguished CLAS faculty members, Dr. Della V. Mosley, co-founder of […]

Documenting Death

More about this book: “Documenting Death is a gripping ethnographic account of the deaths of pregnant women in a hospital in a low-resource setting in Tanzania. Through an exploration of everyday ethics and care practices on a local maternity ward, anthropologist Adrienne E. Strong untangles the reasons Tanzania has achieved so little sustainable success in reducing […]

Emily Zavodny

NSF SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellow Courtesy Faculty Office:  Turlington B119 Email: ezavodny@ufl.edu Google Scholars Research Interests Human-environment interaction, sustainability, marginal environments, emergence of social complexity and inequality, European prehistory, origins of agriculture, animal husbandry and transhumance, faunal analysis, osteology, mortuary archaeology, stable isotope geochemistry, radiocarbon dating, and paleoclimate reconstruction Selected Publications 2019 E. Zavodny, B. Culleton, […]

Lindsay Bloch

Collections Manager, FLMNH Office: Dickinson 105 Phone: (352) 273-1924 Email: lbloch@floridamuseum.ufl.edu Google Scholars Research Interests Craft Production, Ceramic Technology and Ceramic Ecology, Analytical Chemistry and Archaeometry, Museums and Collections, Historical Archaeology of North America Selected Publications Bloch, Lindsay, Neill J. Wallis, George Kamenov, and John Jaeger 2019  Production Origins and Matrix Constituents of Spiculate Pottery in Florida, […]

Kim Valenta, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor Office: Turlington Hall, Room B123 Phone: Email: kimvalenta@ufl.edu Google Scholar Lab Website Non-Profit Website Education Ph.D. University of Toronto M.A. University of Calgary B.A. McGill University Research Interests Plant-animal co-evolution, sensory ecology, evolutionary ecology, conservation, Madagascar Personal Statement I am an evolutionary ecologist researching the interactions between wild plants and animals and how these […]

Peter Schmidt, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor Email: schmidtp@ufl.edu Education Ph.D., African History and Anthropology, Northwestern M.A., African History/African Studies, UCLA Graduate Diploma Student, Archaeology/African Studies, Makerere University, Uganda A.B., History, Stanford Research Interests Historical Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology, Ethnotechnology, Iron Technology, Symbolic Interpretation, African Archaeology, Tanzania, Eritrea, Gabon, Cameroon, Oral Traditions and Archaeology Personal Statement My interests range across archaeology, symbolic […]

2018 Faculty Template

Title Office: Phone: (352) Email: @ufl.edu Google Scholars Education Ph.D. School, Year M.A. B.A. Research Interests   Personal Statement   Positions and Honors Positions and Employment Other Experience and Professional Memberships Honors Selected Publications   More Publications Available on Google Scholar Contribution to Science   Research Support Ongoing Research Support   Completed Research Support (within the past […]

Phoebe R. Stubblefield, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Scientist Office: Cancer Genetics Research Center Room G-17B Phone: (352) 273-8270 Email: phoebes@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D. University of Florida, 2002 M.A. University of Texas, 1993 B.A. University of California Santa Barbara, 1990 Research Interests Forensic Anthropology, Human Skeletal Variation, Human Identification, Paleopathology Personal Statement As the last graduate student of Dr. William R. Maples, […]

Stephanie Bogart, Ph.D.

Lecturer Office: Turlington B137 Email: sbogart@ufl.edu Google Scholar Education Ph.D. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Iowa State University, 2009 M.A. Anthropology, Iowa State University, 2005 B.A. Anthropology, Miami University, 2003 B.A. Zoology, Miami University, 2003 Research Interests Non-human primates, great apes, chimpanzees, behavioral ecology, diet, tool use, communication, cognition, sociality/reproduction, conservation, Senegal, human evolution, human behavior […]