Certification into the PhD Program

Published: July 11th, 2017

Category: Documents and Resources

Students do not automatically become candidates for a PhD degree. They must be certified into the PhD program by their supervisory committee.

Certification upon Completion of the MA

This process should occur during the semester the student earns the MA. Certification requires the submission of a letter from the committee chair to the Graduate Coordinator, signed by all members of the committee, stating that the candidate is qualified to continue for a doctorate. The committee may choose to submit the Certification into the PhD Program form instead of a letter. If the chair or any committee member declines to sign the letter or form, the student cannot continue into the PhD program. Students declined for certification may not enroll for coursework beyond the courses required to complete the MA degree. The documentation should be given to the Graduate Program Assistant no later than one semester (not including summer) following receipt of the MA degree.

Certification Bypassing the MA

A student may be certified into the PhD program after the completion of at least 18 credit hours in the department by the unanimous recommendation of the supervisory committee, relayed in writing, and approved by the Graduate Coordinator and Department Chair. Such students bypass the MA degree and are admitted directly into the PhD program.


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