Dr. Lance Gravlee a featured panelist on Toward Antiracism: Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Healing Racial Trauma

Toward Antiracism: Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Healing Racial Trauma  Dean David Richardson of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences hosted a panel discussion titled, “Toward Antiracism: Understanding Anti-Black Racism and Healing Racial Trauma,” on November 12 at 6:30 p.m. Dr. Lance Gravlee joined two distinguished CLAS faculty members, Dr. Della V. Mosley, co-founder of […]

Documenting Death

More about this book: “Documenting Death is a gripping ethnographic account of the deaths of pregnant women in a hospital in a low-resource setting in Tanzania. Through an exploration of everyday ethics and care practices on a local maternity ward, anthropologist Adrienne E. Strong untangles the reasons Tanzania has achieved so little sustainable success in reducing […]

Upcoming Coffee Talks with Graduate Students – Nov 9, 10, and 12!

Hello everyone! There will be a series of Coffee Talk panels with UF Anthropology graduate students next week so that undergrads can ask questions about their research, experiences in graduate school, and the grad school application process. The panels are divided up by subfields with Archaeology on Novemer 9th, Biological Anthropology and Bioarchaeology on November […]

Women in Fundamentalism

More about this book: “Women in Fundamentalism examines the striking similarities in three extreme fundamentalist religious communities in their views about and treatment of women. Whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, the fundamentalist offshoots of these religions subject women to myriad restrictions in their daily lives. All three seek to maintain male control over women’s bodies, women’s […]

Friday Bulletin June 5, 2020

Hi Everyone! Here’s a couple of items for the week: Requiring ANT 3451, Race and Racism As many of you know, a petition is circulating to replace the required What is the Good Life? course with ANT 3451, Race and Racism.  As of this morning, the petition had 23,000 signatures (you can find it here).  Dr. […]

Friday Bulletin May 22, 2020

Hi Everyone! It’s a bit slow, news-wise, around these parts.  But there are a few items: Publications and Awards Megan Cogburn just published an article in Social Science and Medicine, “Homebirth fines and health cards in rural Tanzania: On the push for numbers in maternal health.” You can find the article here.  Congratulations, Megan! Corinne Futch recently […]

Friday Bulletin May 8, 2020

I hope everyone is enjoying the end of the semester.  As we disperse to a different part of the our house or apartment for the summer, here are few items:   Chris LeClere’s research on coffee houses has been featured in the latest issue of the UF Explore magazine.  Find the article here.   Molly Selba’s […]

Monday Bulletin April 13, 2020

It’s nothing but good news in the Monday Bulletin: On the Awards front: Ph.D. Candidates Amanda Brock and Hannah Toombs were selected as recipients of a $3500 Ruth McQuown Scholarship for graduate students at UF.  Congratulations to both! Arianne Boileau was selected as one of the recipients of the 2020 Graduate School Mentoring Award.  Congrats, Arianne! The Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians received […]

Friday Bulletin April 3, 2020

Megan Hanna Fry Receives an NSF GRF Our own Megan Hanna Fry recently was awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for her project, “Comparative Methods on Social Differentiation and Identity in Anglo-Saxon England.” The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in NSF-supported science, technology, engineering, and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing research-based Master’s […]