Travel Forms

When traveling for MA or PhD research these guidelines must also be followed. Please consult with Juanita Bagnall about UF Graduate School requirements for enrollment while doing research.

The Travel Information Worksheet is to be submitted at least 2-3 weeks before your intended departure date. This is especially crucial when traveling abroad. Multiple funding sources, stays over 30 days, and cash advances (when applicable) go through a much more advanced approvals process.

  1. Travel Instruction Guide: This is an information document that explains what is required to process your travel requests. It has links to all of the above forms.
  2. Travel Information Worksheet: To be submitted by every traveler that is processed by the department.
  3. UFIC International Form: Required for all International destinations. A copy of your Team Assist Insurance card is required by the department.
  4. Cash Advance Excel Example: A copy of what your spreadsheet should look like when submitting multiple receipts to reconcile an expense report with a cash advance.
  5. Cash Advance Reconciliation: Explanation of how to reconcile a cash advance.
  6. Fly America Act: Required when federal funding is used to pay for airline tickets that have exceptional circumstances. MUST BE APPROVED BEFORE PURCHASE OF AIRLINE TICKETS!

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