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Friday Bulletin March 27, 2020

Good News Division

Ph.D. Candidate Arianne Boileau has just published a chapter with Norbert Stanchly (“Middle Preclassic Faunal Utilisation at Pacbitun, Belize: Evidence for Social Differentiation, Exchange, and Craft Specialisation”) in An Archaeological Reconstruction of Ancient Maya Life at Pacbitun, Belize, edited by Terry G. Powis, Sheldon Skaggs, and George Micheletti and published with BAR.  The volume presents 20 years of research at the site. The book can be found here:  Congratulations, Arianne!

Dr. Valerie DeLeon, director of CAPHIL, has just published a book, hot off the press, Skeletal Anatomy of the Newborn Primate, with co-authors Tim Smith, Chris Vinyard, and Jesse Young.  The volume illustrates and describes many aspects of skeletal development. With the help of members of the DeLeon Lab, the book also includes a glossy color atlas of skeletal elements from six representative primates. You can find the book here.  Congratulations, Valerie!


Annual Activity Reports and Self-Evaluations now due April 15

These have been a moving target, but here is the latest.  Annual Activity Reports (faculty) and Annual Self Evaluations (graduate students) are now due April 15.  The Dean’s office indicated previously that these would be due May 1, but the Provost has declared these to be due by April 15.  For faculty:  please send a copy of your AAR to Karen Jones.   Graduate students: send a copy of your self evaluation to Juanita Bagnall and to your committee chair.


Spring and Summer College Travel Funding

From the Dean’s Office:  For Spring travel for both faculty and graduate students where the travel has been canceled and you cannot get a full refund, the college will fulfill their commitment of funds to cover the nonrefundable expenses.  For travel that was successfully canceled, the college is not committing to allow those funds for future travel.

The reasoning is that source of travel funds is from the state, and we are not certain we will be able to carry those funds forward given the budget uncertainty.   The College also deems it premature to approve travel requests for Summer as we have no idea how long various travel restrictions will be in effect.  The College will hold applications on hand if things change.


COVID-19 News Division

Equipment Donations:  CAPHIL, the Mulligan Lab, the DeLeon Lab, and the Daegling were able to donate N95 masks, gowns, and gloves to support clinical staff at UF Health. If you have any PPE that you’d like to donate, it’s easy to drive up and make a drop-off at EH&S (916 Newell Drive Building 179).  If you happen to have any materials that might be needed for Coronavirus care, please keep in mind the following:  per Associate Dean Brian Harfe, grant/contract purchased items ARE ok to donate (but please keep a list of what is donated).  Every bit helps.

What also helps is keeping your distance (warning: more groans ahead, this time Disney-themed!, courtesy of Nita Bagnall). This of course includes staying off campus and out of the office.  Per the latest HR guidelines (as of yesterday), faculty are classified as “remote essential” and may periodically return to campus, but only to gather materials necessary for their work.  Make sure you have your ID with you.  As you are all aware, the only people allowed on campus at this time for work are campus essential personnel.

Peter Collings

Associate Professor and Chair

Department of Anthropology

University of Florida