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Information for New Graduate Students



You will register yourself for most of your courses using ONE.UF. ONE.UF is the location for student self-service and provides versions of the schedule of courses, class locations on the campus map, registration and drop/add. These functions are accessible on smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

Required Courses

All new graduate students are required to register for ANG 6930 Proseminar in Bio/Arch Anthropology for the Fall semester and ANG 5621 Proseminar in Cultural/Linguistic Anthropology for the Spring semester. Please contact the Graduate Program Assistant to register for these courses. Archaeology Ph.D. students are required to take ANG 6110 Arch Theory, usually in their second fall semester. Cultural Anthropology students (whether pre-MA or post-MA) are required to take ANG6034 Anthro-History and Theory, usually in their second fall semester.

Course Information

Please contact your committee chair for course suggestions. If your chair is not available, contact your other committee members or the departmental Graduate Coordinator. In general, you may only take graduate-level (numbered 5000 and above) courses, and you may not take undergraduate-level (numbered 4999 and below) courses in Anthropology. Some courses require faculty permission; the Graduate Program Assistant will register you for those courses once you receive permission.

To register for independent study or research credits, please complete an independent study form and return it to the Graduate Program Assistant with a faculty signature, and she will register you.


The Graduate School will hold an orientation for new graduate students in August to acquaint you with UF personnel, services, policies, and procedures as a newcomer to the University of Florida. More information can be found here. There is also an online orientation available for a small charge. The Anthropology Department will also hold an orientation and a new-student reception.


To apply for a teaching assistantship, please complete the Teaching and Research Assistantship Application form and return it to the Graduate Program Assistant. You do not need to obtain any additional recommendation letters or transcripts since we will use the ones from your application packet. Leave anything blank that doesn’t apply to you. You may request specific assignments, but there is no guarantee that you will receive the assignment you request. Research assistantships, in particular, are very limited.

Assistantships and fellowships for the Fall semester begin on August 16. All hiring paperwork must be completed by the end of the day on August 16, and all graduate assistants must check in with the Graduate Program Assistant on that day. Please make your travel plans with that in mind. If you are offered an assistantship, make sure you have your Social Security card available to complete the hiring paperwork. If you have lost your Social Security card, please apply for a replacement as soon as possible. The Anthropology Department holds a Graduate Assistant orientation each semester. Attendance is mandatory for those on graduate assistantships.

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Apply for a Gatorlink email address as soon as possible. You will use your UFID number (assigned by the Office of Admissions when you applied) to apply for a Gatorlink. Please set a forwarding order if necessary so your email goes to the address you check most often. All official UF information will be sent to the address.

Please keep your mailing address, e-mail address and phone number current with our department. In addition, you will be required to update your contact information every semester in

You will also need to get a Gator 1 ID Card at the Gator 1 Office in the J. Wayne Reitz Union. This allows you to use a meal plan, if you get one, get free transportation with Gainesville’s Regional Transit Service and receive student discounts at participating Gainesville shops and restaurants.

Housing and Residency

We strongly recommend you apply for Florida residency if at all possible. There are several steps to complete and you should complete them all before the first day of classes. This will save you a lot of money during your time here.

Information for International Students


If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant.